How to Force-Refresh a Folder and Get New Mail in iCloud

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What happens on the server does not stay on the server.

Habitually, messages that arrive at your iCloud Mail address show up immediately if you have iCloud Mail open in a browser via Sometimes, though, your inbox—or any folder's—message list may have gotten stuck, though, and not be refreshed with updates (also from email programs using IMAP to connect, for instance) automatically.

If you expect an important message, it can be useful to refresh the message list manually. You do not have to close the browser tab or reload iCloud Mail to do that.

More elegant ways to tell iCloud Mail at to refresh a folder's list of emails exist.

Force-Refresh a Folder and Get New Mail in iCloud Mail at

To refresh the current folder and force new emails to show up (if you suspect they have not automatically done so) in iCloud Mail at

  • With the folder list hidden in iCloud Mail:
    • Using the mouse cursor:
      • Click the folder name followed by a downward-pointing arrowhead (e.g. Inbox ⌄) in the message list's header line.
      • Select the same folder's name (with a checkmark) in the list that comes up.
    • Using a trackpad:
      • Pull down the message list.
  • With the folder list visible in iCloud Mail:
    • Click the Get Mail button () at the folder list's bottom.