How to Fix It When Spotify Can't Play Current Song

Get your groove back on when Spotify won't play songs

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You’re jamming out to some of your favorite tunes on Spotify when the music stops and you see the error: Spotify can’t play current song. Why won’t Spotify play any songs? There are several possibilities and even some quick and easy solutions. See below for some troubleshooting steps to get your groove back on and Spotify playing your songs.

Causes for Spotify Not Playing the Current Song

There are a few possibilities that can cause this issue. Most issues are related to the preferences in the Spotify app, issues with your subscription level, or the application malfunctioning. There are several troubleshooting tricks to get your songs playing again.

How to Fix 'Spotify Can’t Play Current Song'

You may encounter an issue where there is no sound in Spotify or Windows 10. This isn’t a Spotify issue, but many users confuse not having any sound like something wrong with Spotify when it really is your sound card. Make sure you test sound outside of Spotify before trying the many tips below. If you don’t hear sounds, then check your audio card drivers. Certain manufacturers may have special settings or enhancements that will need adjusting. Windows 10 has several adjustments and fixes to repair sound issues.

  1. Restart Spotify. Many times, the Spotify app may have frozen or had a random glitch. The quickest solution to try is to close and then reopen Spotify. If you’re using the web app, close and reopen your browser.

  2. Restart your computer. Just as restarting the app clears up any errors if there are any issues within your operating system and the Spotify app (and web app), restarting your computer will give your PC and Spotify a fresh environment to run.

  3. A change in your subscription level in Spotify. A prevalent issue with Spotify is if you went from a Premium account to a free, ad-supported account. If this is the case, check your Spotify Settings (top right corner of the app) under Music Quality. Lower the quality to anything less than Very High. The highest quality playback is only available to Premium users. Another possibility with downgrading to a free account is if you downloaded the content you’re trying to listen to. Offline Mode is available only to Premium customers.

  4. Out of space on your device. If you are a Premium customer and have opted to use the offline mode, you may have run out of storage space on your device. Spotify recommends having at least 1GB free for downloads. You can remove these files by going to Settings > Local Files and toggling off Show Local Files. Make sure you close and reopen Spotify before trying to play any music. This is also the same thing as deleting a connection to the local library.

  5. Re-sync Spotify. If it’s been over 30 days since you’ve connected your device to the internet, you may not be able to play your downloaded music. Spotify requires getting online at least once every 30 days to maintain your downloaded music.

  6. Disable hardware acceleration in Spotify. Using this feature helps weaker hardware in your computer. However, toggling this setting on, depending on that hardware can either improve performance or cause a poor listening experience by either causing songs to skip or lag or not play at all. Turning off this feature can cure your error when Spotify can’t play a song. To turn it off, go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Compatibility. Toggle off Enable hardware acceleration.

  7. Enable or disable crossfading. Crossfading can provide a more pleasant transition between songs but if you’re experiencing issues turning this feature off or on can help eliminate song playback problems. To enable or disable this feature, go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Playback. Then toggle off or on Crossfade songs. If you’ve set the time between songs to zero seconds, increase the length. The default is 5 seconds and if it is set to this, try setting it to 0.

  8. The song may have been pulled from the playlist. This issue occurs if you have a local download of a playlist and it does not sync properly when a song has been removed from the Spotify database. To see if the errant playing song has been pulled, you can have Spotify display unavailable songs. To do this, go to Settings > Display Options, then toggle on Show unavailable songs in playlists. If it’s been removed, all you can do is resync your local files so it deletes the newly removed song.

  9. Reinstall Spotify. Reinstalling Spotify will remove any corrupted files that may trigger your issue of not playing songs. If a basic reinstall makes no difference, a clean reinstall may be in order. To do a clean reinstall, log out of Spotify then uninstall the app. Then you must delete all files in this folder: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Spotify\Users\<randomized number> where %Username% will be your Windows login. Then you must reinstall Spotify.

You may have to turn on View Hidden Items to see the AppData folder.