How to Fix It When Okay Google Is Not Working

Is Okay Google not working? Try these tricks to get it working again

OK Google icon floating above an iPhone

 Kaufdex / Pixabay

There are many causes for the phrase "Okay Google" to not work when using Google Assistant. These can range from your phone having no internet connection to the Google Assistant service being disabled on your phone.

If you know what to check, you should be able to get Okay Google working again on your phone very quickly.

Is Your Phone Compatible With Okay Google?

The very first thing you should confirm, especially if this is the first time you've tried to get the "Okay Google" prompt to work with your phone, is whether your phone meets all of the Google Assistant system requirements. You'll also need to confirm that Google Assistant actually works with your model of phone.

Cause of Okay Google Not Working: Your Phone is Offline

When the Okay Google service (Google Assistant) is offline, you may notice Google Assistant will respond that it can't help you with certain services while you're offline.

Screenshot of ok google not working offline

This doesn't mean you're completely out of luck. There are lots of things you can still do with Google Assistant offline even if you don't have access to Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

If you do have access to Wi-Fi or mobile internet, then make sure your Wi-Fi or mobile data is turned on. Once you do, saying Okay Google to your phone will work as expected.

Cause of Okay Google Not Working: Microphone Issues

Another obvious problem that will prevent your phone from responding when you say "Okay Google" is if your microphone isn't working.

You have a few options when it comes to testing whether your Android microphone is working properly.

If your microphone is turned off or not working, this is one of the easiest fixes to get the Okay Google command working again on your phone.

Fix: Turn On Google Assistant and Retrain Voice Match

If you say "Okay Google" and your phone doesn't respond at all, the most likely cause is that the Google Assistant service isn't enabled.

There are several services you need to enable on your phone for Google Assistant to recognize when you say "Okay Google" to your phone, and to wake up your phone and respond. These include:

  • Google Assistant
  • Access with Voice Match
  • Unlock with Voice Match

These services need to be enabled, and you need to make sure you've trained Google Assistant to recognize your voice.

You can enable these services and retrain Voice Match by following the steps on the Okay Google Settings page on the Google Support website.

The instructions for enabling these services are different on an Android or an iPhone, so make sure to choose the correct phone model on the Google Support page before working through the instructions.

Fix: Check for a Google App Update

The Google App is what controls whether or not your phone can respond to the phrase "Okay Google." If the app is corrupt or out of date, it could impact whether your phone can respond to your voice prompt.

Make sure your phone is up to date by opening Google Play on your phone, searching for the Google App, and checking the installation status.

Screenshot of the Google Home app in Google Play

If the app is installed and fully updated, you should see the OPEN button visible. If it isn't fully updated, this button will display UPDATE. If that's the app, tap the button to update the app.

Also, tap the three dots at the upper right corner to view app settings and tap Enable auto update. This will ensure the app is always updated with the latest patches and your phone always responds to the command "Okay Google."

Fix: Enable Google Voice & Audio Activity

It's easy to check all of the activity Google tracks about you from the use of your mobile phone. You can view all of this by opening your Google account settings from your phone.

If you want the "Okay Google" prompt to work properly, you'll need to ensure that Voice & Audio Activity is enabled.

Use the instructions on the Google Support page to enable Voice & Audio Activity. You'll see an explanation on the activation screen that enabling this will improve speech recognition for services like Google Assistant.

Check Your Language Settings

While this is rarely the reason Okay Google isn't working, it is possible that when you first set up Okay Google, you selected the wrong language.

If Okay Google doesn't recognize the "Okay Google" prompt because it's listening for a different language, you'll never receive a response no matter how many times you repeat the phrase to your phone.

Take another look at the instructions for setting up Okay Google on your phone, and make sure the Language & Input setting is set to the correct language you're using when you say "Okay Google".

If you are using a language other than English, then also make sure to follow Google's set of instructions on updating your Android's language pack.

If you have any problems changing the language, there are steps you can follow to force an update of your Google Assistant language.

Fix: Disable Apps Known to Interfere with Okay Google

There are a number of apps that are known to cause problems with Okay Google working. If you have any of these apps installed on your phone, you may want to either disable or uninstall them to see if it resolves the issues.

The following apps are known to cause issues with Okay Google working:

  • Samsung Voice (S Voice)
  • Bixby
  • KingRoot
  • AppLock

If you need to use these apps but they interfere with Google Assistant, you may want to explore alternative apps that will do the same job but not cause problems.