How to Fix It When Hulu Can't Verify Your Email

Check your account settings and network status

There could be many reasons why Hulu can't verify your email. In this article you'll learn how to resolve this error and get back into your Hulu account again.

If you suspect that you can't log into your account because it's been hacked, you will need to skip the steps below and instead speak to a Hulu agent to reset your account email using the Hulu Account Recovery tool.

Why You're Seeing This Error

Issues with Hulu verifying your email can appear in a number of ways.

  • You're entering your password incorrectly.
  • You're attempting to create a new Hulu account with an email you've already created an account with.
  • Hulu servers are down.
  • Your Hulu subscription has expired.
  • The Hulu app has no internet connection or isn't working for some other reason.

The error always occurs whenever you're attempting to authenticate to your Hulu account. One of the causes above is preventing that authentication.

How to Fix It When Hulu Says Your Email Isn't Valid

If Hulu can't verify your email, the easiest solution is to start with troubleshooting your account. After that you can explore subscription, service, or server issues.

  1. If you're entering what you believe is your password and Hulu can't verify your email, the first thing you should try is resetting your password using Hulu's password reset page. You will need to know the email account you used to sign up for Hulu originally. If you don't know the email account or suspect the email account associated with your Hulu service has changed, contact Hulu support to verify your identity and unlock your account for you.

    If you signed up and pay for your Hulu service with a third party like Amazon or Apple, you'll need to use the same email address and password that you use to log in to those services. In those cases, the Hulu account details are the same.

  2. Make sure the Hulu service isn't down. If you're certain that you're entering your correct credentials, the problem could be that the Hulu service is down. If Hulu isn't letting you log in on a streaming device like a Roku box or an Amazon Fire Stick, open a web browser on your computer and try logging in to Hulu that way instead.

    If you're able to log in to Hulu with a web browser but not other services, a quick fix is often logging all other users out of your Hulu account. This often resets all connections and resolves Hulu login issues through those other services.

  3. If you can't log in to Hulu through your browser either, try clearing your browser cache, or closing and reopening your browser before trying again.

  4. If you're trying to log into an account that you don't pay for, such as a child account, make sure Parental Controls aren't set to block you from using Hulu at a certain time of day. Also, ask the account owner if they've accidentally deleted your profile from the account.

  5. Are you attempting to stream from Hulu using too many devices in your house? If there are too many users logged in and streaming at once, you will not be able to launch another stream. This issue could also be related to your login problems, so check if anyone else using your account is currently streaming and ask them to log out.

    Hulu plans allow for only 2 streams at once, unless you purchase the Unlimited Screens add-on. If you find that you need more streams, it may be worth upgrading your Hulu account.

  6. If the error that you're seeing when you try to log into your Hulu account includes error codes, try looking up and troubleshooting that error code. Hulu error codes provide a lot of information about what's causing the problem.

    One example of this is Hulu error code PLAUNK65, which means there's a network issue. Resolving the network issue will likely also resolve your login problems.

  7. Make sure your computer's wireless connection is okay. Any network connection problem means you won't be able to log into your Hulu account. This issue may not result in a verification error, but if you're seeing verification problems, it's worth checking your network connection. Even if your network connection is fine, you should also confirm that your internet connection is working as well.

  • How do I fix Hulu error code p-dev320?

    Error code p-dev320, long with companion codes p-dev318 and p-dev322, usually describes a network error. Make sure your network is up and running properly, and then close Hulu and open it again.

  • How do I fix it when there's no sound on Hulu?

    The first thing you should do when Hulu has a sound issue is to try opening another video; it's possible the one you're watching is just corrupted. If the problem is widespread, check your device sound settings to make sure they're set to Stereo or Normal. You should also check your cables' connections.

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