How to Fix It When Bumble Is Not Working

Troubleshooting common issues with this popular dating app

If you use Bumble, you might suddenly notice that the app won't open for you, or some of its features are performing poorly (or not at all). To get everything working smoothly again, you'll need to do some troubleshooting.

Here's how to figure out what the cause of your issue is on Bumble and how to go about fixing it.

Causes of Bumble Issues

There are four main causes of problems when using Bumble:

  • Your Device: If you have an old device or a device that has suffered any physical damage, it could have trouble supporting the latest version of the app, tracking your location, or detecting your movement.
  • Your Bumble App: The app version you have installed on your device could be outdated.
  • Your Bumble Account: You may have signed into the wrong account or chosen the wrong method to sign in.
  • Bumble's Servers: Bumble is experiencing widespread issues or outages.

How to Fix It When Bumble Is Not Working

There are several different fixes depending on the type of issue you're experiencing with Bumble. The solution could be as easy as restarting the app or as advanced as needing to contact Bumble's support team.

  1. Sign in on another device. This might require downloading the Bumble app for iOS or downloading the Bumble app for Android if you don't already have it on your alternative device. Try signing into your Bumble account to see if it loads properly. If it does, the problem might be your device.

  2. Close the Bumble app on iOS or close the Bumble app for Android, then reopen it. Chances are it's frozen and just needs to be closed and reopened.

  3. Choose the alternative sign in method. Bumble only has two account sign-in methods—by phone number and by Facebook. If you signed into your Bumble account only to find that your profile is completely blank and your connections are gone, this problem can usually be fixed by logging out and choosing the other sign-in method.

  4. Check Bumble's Downdetector page. Downdetector is a website that tracks reports of issues on major apps and websites. If there are widespread issues, you'll find an update about it here.

  5. Check @Bumble on Twitter or Bumble's Facebook page for updates. Bumble might post updates about known issues on its official social accounts.

  6. Search #BumbleDown on Twitter. Make sure to select the Latest tab to see the most recent tweets coming in. Twitter is a great platform for finding real-time updates about topics around the world, including popular services that go down.

    If you can't find any sign of widespread issues or an outage from Bumble's servers, then the issue might be on your end.

  7. Update the Bumble Android app or update the Bumble iOS app. Developers continuously release updates to their apps to fix bugs and get them working as smoothly as they can.

  8. Restart your iOS or Android device. Restarting seems to fix many computer problems because it helps clear everything that's running in the background and free up your device's resources.

  9. If you're being asked to pay for Bumble Boost when you've already paid, contact Bumble's support team. It's likely that you're Bumble Boost subscription is not associated with the current profile or account you're using, so if you were using Bumble Boost and deleted your account to create a new one, your Bumble Boost subscription won't be carried over to that new profile. Bumble support can carry your previous subscription over to your current account.

    If you didn't delete your profile to create a new one, you may have signed in using the wrong method (via Facebook instead of via your phone number, or vice versa). If this is the case, try following the steps outlined in the above section to switch sign-in methods and see if your Bumble Boost subscription starts working again.

  10. If your Beeline isn't showing any users, fill our more information in your profile. Beeline is a premium feature that's part of Bumble Boost, which shows you the users who've already liked you on the app. Since the number and quality of likes you get are based on search criteria, it's a good idea to beef up your profile by filling out as much information as you can. On your profile tab, just tap the pencil icon on your profile picture to edit your profile.

    You might also benefit from expanding your distance so your profile is shown to more people. From your profile tab, tap the gear icon in the top left, then use the Distance slider to reset your desired distance.

  • How do I fix my age on Bumble?

    To correct your age on Bumble, you must contact Bumble directly. After you send a message, Bumble will reach out to confirm your request.

  • How do I fix my location on Bumble?

    Your location on Bumble is determined by your phone's GPS, so be sure to turn on location services. If you have Bumble Premium, you can enable Travel Mode to change which city you show up in.

  • Why am I not getting matches on Bumble?

    To increase your Bumble matches, fill out your profile as much as possible, and don't forget to include a few photos. Adjust the filters in your settings to get more relevant matches, and expand your preferred location distance. You won't get matches if you never swipe right, so don't be too picky.

  • How do I reset Bumble?

    To reset your Bumble account, tap Profile > Settings > Delete account. Once the account is deleted, you can set up a new one.

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