How to Fix It When a JNI Error Has Occurred in Minecraft

Update Java or reset the Java installation path to get Minecraft working again

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If you play the Java version of Minecraft, you might see the following message when you try to start the game or connect to a server:

  • Error: a JNI error has occurred, please check your installation and try again.

Here's what to do when you see “JNI error has occurred” in Minecraft.

Information in this article applies to the Java edition of Minecraft for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What Causes the JNI Error in Minecraft?

JNI errors, or Java Native Interface errors, occur when there's a conflict between your version of Minecraft and your computer's Java libraries. This usually boils down to a couple of possible issues:

  • Your version of Java is out-of-date
  • The installation file path for Java is corrupted

Since all new versions of Java are backward compatible, updating to the latest version should allow you to run any Java version of Minecraft.

How to Fix a JNI Error in Minecraft

Try these steps in order until Minecraft starts up as normal:

  1. Download and install Java updates. Some versions of Windows and macOS have a Java Control Panel that helps you update Java. Otherwise, go to the Java download page, choose your operating system, and get the latest Java Development Kit (JDK) installer. Open the installer file and follow the instructions.

    If you're on Windows, download the .exe file.

    Windows and Java Installer .exe file highlighted on the Java download page
  2. Update Java in the Linux Terminal. If you're on Linux, open the Terminal and enter the following command:

    sudo apt-get update

    Then, enter the installation command replacing the number “18” with the latest version number for Java:

    sudo apt install openjdk-18-jdk

    When the update is successful, try starting Minecraft again.

    Do a Google search for “latest Java version” to check the current version of Java.

  3. Reset the Java installation file path. Even if you have the latest Java updates, the program could be checking the wrong file path. This is a problem that typically only occurs in Windows.

    When you get to the Edit System Variables screen, choose any path files that include “Java” and select Delete. Reinstall Java and restart your computer, then try opening Minecraft again.

  • How do I fix the Minecraft OpenGL error?

    The OpenGL error is a graphics error, so update your graphics card driver and turn off any graphical enhancements. If you still have trouble, try disabling any mods and updating Java.

  • How do I fix Minecraft error code 0x803f8001?

    Sign out of your Microsoft account and sign back in, then check your date and time settings, update Windows, and restart your PC. If you still see the 0x803f8001 error code, reset the Microsoft Store cache, reinstall the Minecraft Launcher, and reinstall Microsoft Gaming Services.

  • How do I fix Minecraft error code 0?

    Exit error 0 in Minecraft is caused by incompatible mods. Disable your mods one by one to determine which one is causing the error.

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