How to Fix Hulu Error Code Runtime 2

Diagnose and troubleshoot this pesky Hulu streaming issue

Hulu error code runtime -2 refers to a series of Hulu playback failure codes that can show up when you try to stream movies, shows, and even live television from Hulu. These codes show up on an error screen that appears when video content suddenly stops playing in a Hulu app or the Hulu web player. This type of problem can sometimes be dealt with by simply reloading the video, but it usually requires more effort to fix.

Hulu runtime error 2 displayed on a television.

How Hulu Error Code Runtime 2 Appears

When this error occurs, you will usually see a message that looks like this:

Playback Failure
Hulu Error Code: runtime-2-xxxxxxxx
Unique Error ID: runtime-2-xxxxxxxx

The eight character alphanumeric sequence that follows runtime-2 is unique to your specific playback failure, so write it down in case you need to provide it to Hulu customer support. The rest of the message can vary slightly from one failure to the next, but all instances of Hulu error code runtime-2 require you to check and fix similar things.

Causes of Hulu Error Code Runtime 2

Runtime errors occur when a program crashes, and Hulu runtime error 2 is most commonly caused when the Hulu app or web player experiences a sudden failure. In most cases, this issue can be corrected by updating your Hulu app and streaming device, clearing the local cache, and resetting your device.

In less common situations, Hulu runtime-2 error codes can be caused by network or connection problem, problem with Hulu's servers, or a compatibility issue between your streaming device and the Hulu app that will require Hulu or the manufacturer of your streaming device to release a fix.

How to Fix the Hulu Error Code Runtime 2

To fix Hulu error code runtime -2, follow each of these steps in order. If Hulu starts working at any point, you can stop going through the list, and come back if the error reoccurs later.

  1. Make sure your Hulu app is up to date. Since runtime errors are most commonly caused by a problem with the Hulu app, updating your app will often take care of this problem. Some devices do this automatically, but you may be able to force an immediate update if one is available and the system hasn't checked yet.

  2. Make sure your streaming device is up to date. There is also a chance that your streaming device manufacturer has already provided a fix for the problem you're experiencing. Streaming devices usually check for these system updates automatically as well, but most of them also give you the option to check for updates manually. For example, you can manually update the Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV and Fire Cube.

    To update a Roku, press the Home button, then select Settings > System> System update > Check Now.

  3. Clear your browser or device cache. Corrupt date in the local device cache can also cause Hulu runtime error 2. To correct this problem, all you have to do is clear the cache. Keep in mind that the device you're using determines how to clear the cache. Clearing a Fire TV cache, for example, will be different from clearing a web browser cache.

    To clear a Roku's cache, press Home to return to the home screen, then press Home five times, Rewind two times, and Fast Forward two times. The Roku will clear its cache and restart in about 30 seconds.

  4. Uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app. If the Hulu app is corrupted or damaged in some way, that can cause a runtime error. To fix this problem, completely remove the Hulu app from your streaming device, then reinstall it from scratch.

  5. Close and reopen your browser. If you're experiencing this problem on a computer, you don't need to uninstall your web browser. In many cases, simply closing and reopening the browser will fix the problem. If there is an update available for your browser, make sure to install it at this time.

  6. Make sure your system meets Hulu system requirements. If you're seeing this error on a computer, make sure it meets the minimum system specifications provided by Hulu. If your computer doesn't meet these requirements and you have access to a different computer that does, check to see if Hulu works on that other computer.

  7. Check your internet connection. Hulu requires a strong internet connection and a minimum download speed to work correctly. If possible, check your internet connection speed using the same device that's providing the Hulu runtime error code. You should also test the wireless connection status and quality of your device if it's connected via Wi-Fi.

    If you have wireless connectivity problems, try repositioning your router or your streaming device. Switching from Wi-Fi to a wired Ethernet connection may also fix your problem.

  8. Try a different streaming device or web browser. Hulu runtime error 2 is often limited to just one specific device or even one web browser. If you have another streaming device, check to see if Hulu works on it. If you don't, try a new web browser on your computer. You may find that Hulu works just fine on other devices, and in other web browsers.

    If your Hulu runtime error 2 is limited to a specific device or web browser, and you've fully updated that device or web browser, you'll need to contact Hulu and your device manufacturer. One or both will probably have to track down the problem and release a fix.

  9. Power cycle your computer or streaming device. In some cases, simply turning your equipment off and back on again will fix this type of problem. Some streaming devices have no power button, in which case you may be able to power cycle through the settings menu. If that isn't an option, unplugging the device for at least a minute will usually work.

  10. Power cycle your router and modem. In some rare cases, Hulu runtime errors can be caused by connectivity issues. To rule this out, try shutting down your network hardware, then restarting it.

What if Hulu Still Doesn't Work?

If you still experience Hulu error code runtime -2 after going through all of these steps, then the problem is almost certainly on Hulu's end. There might be an issue with Hulu's servers, Hulu could be down, or there could be a compatibility issue between your Hulu app and streaming device that will require Hulu to develop and release a fix.

You may want to contact Hulu customer support at this point to see if they are aware of the problem, and provide the entire unique runtime error code to assist in their diagnostic process. While they probably won't be able to render immediate assistance, they may not know about the problem yet, so your input could help speed up the fix.

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