How to Fix Google Cloud Printer Offline Error

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The Google Cloud Print service allows you to print from anywhere on any web-connected device to a cloud-connected printer. While safe, secure, and reliable, Google Cloud Print occasionally returns a printer-offline error. The printer status may say "offline," or you may be unable to select a printer because the status reads "looking for printer." You may find that a document doesn't print after it's sent to the printer, or it may sit in the print queue with the message, "waiting for printer."

If you experience any of these difficulties with Google Cloud Print, there are some easy troubleshooting steps to take to start printing again.

Beginning January 1, 2021, the Google Cloud Print service will no longer be supported. For more information on migrating Cloud Print, visit the Google Cloud Print support page.

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Causes of the Google Cloud Print Offline Error

The main cause of a Google Cloud Print offline error message is a communication breakdown between the printer and the device. If the printer is disconnected from the power source or the internet, Google Cloud Print sends an offline error message. There also might be a misconfiguration in the way Google Cloud Print is set up.

If you use a printer that's not Google cloud-ready, the desktop machine could be powered off or disconnected from the internet. The printer may also need a firmware update.

How to Fix Google Cloud Printer Offline Error

Whatever the cause of the offline error, follow these easy troubleshooting steps to get your printer working again.

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on. This may seem simple, but it's worth a look. Another user may have turned it off.

  2. Restart the printer. If the computer is powered on, try a restart. This is another simple yet effective troubleshooting step. Turn off the printer, unplug it, then reconnect and turn it back on. See if this resolves the printer offline error.

  3. Make sure the printer is set up with Google Cloud Print. If it's not correctly connected, you won't be able to print.

  4. Check the printer's network connection. Google Cloud Printer requires a live connection to the internet. If the printer has been disconnected for some reason, printing won't work. Reestablish the network connection and see if this solves the problem.

  5. Make sure the desktop computer is connected to the internet. This is important if you use a printer that's not Google cloud-ready. Make sure the desktop machine has a live internet connection and isn't in sleep, standby, or hibernation mode.

  6. Check your Google Account. The device and printer should be signed in to the same Google Account. Make sure both are signed in to the proper account. Then see if this resolves the print error.

  7. Check that you're sending the document to the Google Cloud printer. If you have more than one printer, you may be sending the document to a printer that hasn't been established as the Google Cloud printer. Verify that you're sending the document to the correct printer and see if this fixes the issue.

  8. Make sure the printer isn't set to offline mode. Printers won't print in offline mode. Check the printer configuration and set it to online if necessary.

  9. Update the device to the latest version of Chrome. Outdated software may have compatibility issues that prevent a print job from executing. Update the Chrome browser and see if this solves the problem.

  10. Update the printer's firmware. Download and install the latest version of the printer's firmware. Out-of-date firmware could prevent you from connecting to the internet or cause other Google Cloud Print errors.

    This process differs according to the printer manufacturer. Go to your printer maker's web page for more information.

  11. Refresh the printer from the Google devices page. This helps ensure the device is recognized as either a Classic Printer or a Cloud Ready Printer so it can be shared across the network.

  12. Delete the Google Cloud Print printer and connect it again. If the above steps didn't work, the software may be corrupted. Delete the printer from the Google Cloud Print printer list, then set it up again. See if this fixes the problem.

  13. Visit the Google Cloud Print Help page. If you still get an offline error, check out the Google Cloud Print Help site to determine if there's another issue that might be contributing to the problem.

    Try troubleshooting why your printer is offline for additional suggestions.

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