How to Fix 'OK Google' Not Working

If Google Assistant says 'offline,' try this to get it going again

A Google Home Mini

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Google Assistant is a useful digital attendant that responds to your voice and drives a wide variety of smart devices such as Google Home. However, it can sometimes go offline or otherwise not react. Here's how to restore your Google Assistant.

How To Fix Your Device Not Reacting To “OK Google” or “Hey Google”

For phones:

  1. Open the Google app, tap the three dots at the bottom > Settings > Google Assistant and choose the device on the list at the bottom. Check that Google Assistant has been activated on that device.

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  2. If the device is not listed, tap the Add A Device button to add it to your Google Assistant list. Give it a distinct “name” in Google Assistant so it will know exactly which device you're discussing.

  3. If two devices have the same name, tap one of them and change the name of the device in the menu that appears.

    Add a device, Name, Edit name in Google Home
  4. In the device menu, activate Access With Voice Match. You may be prompted to create a voice model at this time; follow the instructions as requested.

    Voice Match options for Google Assistant
  5. Set Preferred Input to “Voice in the Device Settings menu.

    Swipe down, Preferred input in Google Home
  6. Check that the device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Assistant.

How To Fix Google Assistant Only Replying When Your Phone Is Unlocked

Following the path above, tap your phone and activate Lock Screen Results. Only do this if you know others won't be able to access your phone, as this will let your phone potentially reveal personal details such as your schedule when asked. You may also need to reconfigure the preferred input, as above.

Swipe down, Lock screen personal results toggle

How To Fix Google Assistant Not Playing Music

Google Assistant and the items tied to it will only play music from linked services. Open Google Assistant's Settings in the Google app and choose Services > Music. Google Assistant will automatically connect your Google Play Music and your YouTube accounts to Google Assistant, but you will need to connect other services, like Amazon Music or Spotify. Even others (like Apple Music, for example) may not allow control by Google.

Music in Services tab for Google Home

How To Fix Google Assistant Going Offline

Google Assistant will only function when connected to a private wireless network. You'll want to enter the password for the network if needed.

  1. Make sure you're connected to your home network. Ask Google Assistant which network it's connected to.

  2. Be sure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your device and that your router is functioning properly.  

  3. Ensure your device is connected to your Wi-Fi network. This will need to be done through the Google Home app; you will be walked through a step-by-step connection by the app.  

How To Fix Google Assistant Not Reading Notifications

Google Assistant is driven by the decisions you make on your Google account and your phone. This is usually where the issue is resolved, in turn.

  1. Check that your phone is not in Do Not Disturb mode. You can find this in the Settings app > Notifications > Do Not Disturb.

    Apps & Notifications, Do not disturb in Android Settings
  2. If it's only one app, check Settings > Apps and Notifications and tap the specific app to enable notifications. This will also apply to any devices you have connected to Google Assistant.

  3. You may also need to give Google access to your notifications. If this is the case, Google Assistant will take you directly to the appropriate menu to allow these permissions. It can be found in the Google app under Settings

    Google Assistant, Notifications toggle in Android Settings

How To Fix Google Assistant Not Working With A Specific App 

If Google Assistant wont open some apps, or any apps, it made need to have its cache cleared. In the Settings app, tap Storage > Other Apps > Google > Clear Cache to empty the cache. 

Other apps, Google, Clear cache buttons in Android Settings

Google may also prevent certain apps it deems personal from connecting automatically, or from pushing notifications when your device is locked. Find the device in your Google settings and enable Lock Screen Personal Results.

How To Fix Multiple Devices Responding To “OK Google”

If more than one device is responding to "OK Google," it's either due to one device not being properly updated, or each device signed into a different account. You'll need to change your voice profile as much as possible.

  1. Update all related apps, including the necessary Google apps.

  2. Log into your phone and your Google Home app using the same Google account.  

  3. Change the Voice Profile on devices that you don't have ownership of, such as phones.