How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83

Fix this mysterious and annoying error

Disney Plus Error Code 83 is about the worst error you can get when trying to enjoy streaming on Disney Plus. It's not at all descriptive about what the problem is and, to make matter worse, Error Code 83 completely blocks you from using Disney Plus. If you're running into this problem, you're in luck: here's what causes the error, and how to fix it.

Disney Plus Error Code 83 can affect virtually any kind of device that can run Disney Plus, including computers, smartphones, tablets, a streaming device like Apple TV or Roku, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. The explanation and suggestions in this article apply to all those kinds of devices.

What Causes Disney Plus Error Code 83

Disney is frustratingly tight-lipped about what causes Error Code 83. The Disney Plus support page for the error simply says that the error "means we experienced an unknown error streaming to your device. This is typically a device compatibility issue, connection error, or account issue."

Not very helpful, right? Maybe not directly, but narrowing the error down to an issue with your device, your internet connection, or your account actually gives us a lot of steps to try to fix it.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83

To fix Disney Plus Error Code 83, try the following steps in the order listed.

Error Code 83 can happen on lots of different kinds of devices, so some of these steps may not apply to your device. For the steps that do apply, the specific actions to take will depend on your device.

  1. Make sure Disney Plus isn't the problem. The problem with Disney Plus might not be your device. It could be that Disney Plus isn't working overall right now. So, a good place to start is by finding out if the problem is the service or something on your end.

  2. Check device compatibility. Since Error Code 83 often points to a problem with compatibility between your device and Disney Plus, the first thing to do when you get the error is to check the Disney Plus device and software compatibility list. If your device isn't listed there, that's your problem and you'll need to use a different device.

    Linux users, pay special attention. As of this writing, Disney Plus doesn't support Linux at all, no matter the distribution or browser you use.

  3. Check your web browser. If your device is compatible with Disney Plus, you could be getting Error Code 83 because your web browser is incompatible. Disney Plus supports Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari, Chrome and Firefox on macOS, and Chrome on Chrome OS. Check the full list of supported versions, and if your browser isn't compatible, you'll need to use one that is.

  4. Check internet connection and speed. If your Internet connection is down or isn't fast enough, you won't be able to stream video from Disney Plus. The Disney Plus internet speed requirements will give you a good idea of what speeds you need, then you can test your internet speed or try using internet speed test sites to find out if it's sufficient to stream content from the service.

  5. Restart your device. This is a cliched troubleshooting step for a reason: it's easy and it works more often than not. While restarting your device may not solve Error Code 83, it could and it's so easy and quick it's always worth a try.

  6. Update the Disney Plus app. When new versions of apps are released, the old ones often become incompatible. That could be your problem here. If you're using a smartphone, tablet, gaming console, streaming device, or smart TV, go to your device's app store and see if there's a Disney Plus app update to install.

  7. Delete and reinstall the Disney Plus app. Even if there's no update available, the problem could still be your app. If there's some kind of bug or data corruption in your app, it could cause Error Code 83. Completely delete the app and reinstall it to see if that fixes the problem.

  8. Upgrade your device firmware or OS. Just an older app version can cause compatibility issue, so can running an old version of your device's operating system or firmware. If none of the steps so far have worked, check to see if your device has an OS or firmware upgrade available and install it.

  9. Try a Different Account. The explanation of Error Code 83 from Disney is that it can be caused by account problems. All of our steps so far have centered on fixing software, but if nothing else has worked yet, maybe the problem is your account. Try signing in with another account that you know works. If you can do that and don't get Error Code 83, then the problem is your account. Check your billing details and subscription status, and contact Disney Plus support if needed.

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