How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

Fix Disney+ rights management issues on Xbox One and other devices

Disney Plus error code 39 is a rights management code that usually indicates the streaming service wants a secure connection, and your streaming setup is unable to provide it. There may be an issue with your Disney Plus app, your streaming device, your HDMI cable, or even your television that is preventing a secure HDMI handshake. If your problem is along those lines, and you can fix it, the error code 39 will go away.

This error code is commonly associated with Xbox One, but it can occur with other streaming devices and even smart televisions.

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What Does Disney Plus Error Code 39 Look Like?

When this error occurs, you will typically see this error message:

We're sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Disney+ Support (Error Code 39).

What Causes Disney Plus Error Code 39?

The Disney Plus error code 39 usually indicates a rights management issue that's preventing Disney's servers from streaming the requested video. There are cases where this is totally out of your hands, and if Disney can't stream the content at all or to users in your specific region, there's not much you can do.

When the problem is caused by an issue on your end, and it often is, this error code can usually be solved by changing to a different streaming device, using a different television, switching to a different HDMI port, or trying a different HDMI cable.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

Follow each of these steps, in order, until Disney Plus starts working normally and the error code goes away:

  1. Attempt to load the video again. In some cases, this error code can occur as a one time fluke. When that happens, simply refreshing or reloading the video will allow it to play. If it stops and you see error code 39 again, return to these troubleshooting tips and continue.

  2. Shut down your PC Xbox streaming app. If you have been using the Windows 10 Xbox app to stream your Xbox One to your computer, shut down the stream and close the app. You may also have to restart the Disney Plus app or even restart your Xbox One. Once you are no longer streaming from your Xbox One to your PC, error code 39 should go away.

    This step only applies if you are seeing error code 39 in the Disney Plus app on your Xbox One.

  3. Try a different streaming device. This problem is most commonly associated with streaming Disney Plus from the Xbox One game console, but it has also occurred when streaming directly from a smart TV and with some other devices as well. In any case, try a different streaming device to see if that works.

    If you are able to stream normally from a different device, then you know there is a problem with your Xbox One or whatever device generated the error code.

  4. Switch to a different HDMI port. Using the streaming device that generated the error code 39, switch to a different HDMI port on your television. Try each port and see if any of them work. If one does work, that means the handshake was successful on that port. Leave your streaming device connected, and it should work fine.

  5. Try a different HDMI cable. If you have another HDMI cable on hand, swap it in and see if that fixes the problem. Try using a high-quality, undamaged cable that isn't excessively long, and that supports HDMI 2.1. If you find a cable that works, leave it plugged in and use that cable.

  6. Make sure you're using an HDMI to HDMI cable. If you're using any kind of HDMI converter cable, like an HDMI to VGA cable, that can cause this problem. Switch to a standard HDMI cable that has HDMI connectors on both ends, and plug it directly into an HDMI port on your television, monitor, or projector.

  7. Try turning your television off and power cycling it. Unplug the television, and leave it unplugged for a while before plugging it back in. If that doesn't work, try power cycling both your television and your streaming device at the same time. If that works, there's a chance you will have to repeat this procedure in the future if the HDMI handshake fails again.

  8. Delete and reinstall the Disney+ app. Start by deleting the app, and then power cycle your streaming device. Shut it down, unplug it, and then plug it back in and power it up. Reinstall the app, and check to see if it works.

  9. Try a different television. If you have a second television, check to see if you see the same error code when using it. Some older televisions don't support a new enough version of HDMI for secure connections, which can cause this type of error.

  10. Unplug and remove any video capture device you have installed. If you use a video capture device to record video or stream games, unplug it and remove it from the equation. Some of these devices will trigger error code 39 and prevent Disney Plus from working.

  11. Factory reset your Xbox One. First, make sure that Disney Plus works with the same television and the same HDMI cable when connected to a different streaming device, like a Roku or Fire TV.

    If it does, then perform an Xbox One factory reset, making sure to choose the Reset and keep my games & apps option to avoid losing data. After the reset process has finished, you may also need to delete and reinstall the Disney Plus app.

    This is a drastic step, and it only applies if you're having trouble streaming from an Xbox One.

  • Why is Disney Plus giving me an Error Code 83?

    Error Code 83 on Disney Plus means there's probably either an issue with device compatibility, or a server problem. Make sure your device is compatible, and if not, you'll need to switch to one that is. If the device is compatible, use Downdetector to see if the service itself is down. If the service is fine, the problem could be your internet connection or the Disney Plus app, in which case you'll want to double-check your connection and possibly restart (or even reinstall) the app.

  • What do I do about an Error Code 41 on Disney Plus?

    Error Code 41 is a rights management issue. Your only options for attempting to fix it is to look for and address possible connectivity problems, or wait for Disney to sort things out on its end.

  • What is Error Code 76 on Disney Plus?

    If you're seeing an Error Code 76, that means there's a problem with the internet connection. Make sure your internet connection is running smoothly, and if so, try restarting and updating your router or modem. If you're attempting to stream from a web browser, clear your browser's cache. You may also need to troubleshoot or disable your VPN (if you're using one) if nothing else is working.

  • How do I fix Error Code 42 on Disney Plus?

    An Error Code 42 means your streaming device is running into trouble when attempting to connect to Disney Plus servers. It could be caused by a slow or unstable internet connection, which you can address by troubleshooting your internet connection.

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