How to Use Winkeyfinder

Download this free program to find your Windows product key

Winkeyfinder is a free and easy to use program that will find your Windows and Office product keys (sometimes called serial numbers). You need the original product key that came with your Windows purchase before you can reinstall Windows.

Winkeyfinder works for nearly all Windows operating systems like Windows 8Windows 7Windows Vista, and Windows XP (not Windows 10).

The detailed instructions we've put together here walk you through the entire process of using Winkeyfinder to locate your lost Microsoft Office and/or Microsoft Windows product key, so feel free to take a look at the entire tutorial before you get started.

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Visit the Winkeyfinder Website

Screenshot of the Winkeyfinder download page

Winkeyfinder is a free software program that finds product keys, so the first thing you need to do is visit the Winkeyfinder website so you can download the program.

Winkeyfinder is a completely free program and you should not be charged a fee to download or use it.

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Download Winkeyfinder

Screenshot of the Winkeyfinder download button

Click Download Win Keyfinder 2.0.5 Final like you see at the top of this page. This will get you to the download page for the most recent version of the program.

Click the orange Download Win keyfinder 2.0 Final button to download the latest version of Winkeyfinder.

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Save the ZIP File to Your Computer

Screenshot of Winkeyfinder downloaded in Google Chrome
Winkeyfinder ZIP Download (Google Chrome).

After clicking the download link, Winkeyfinder will begin downloading. The download is in the form of a ZIP file called

If prompted, choose Save, Save to Disk, or Download File — your web browser might phrase it differently. Save the file to your Desktop or another location that's easy to locate. Do not choose to open the file.

The Winkeyfinder ZIP file is small...very small. Even if you're on a very slow connection, the download shouldn't take more than several seconds.

The screenshot above shows the download process for Winkeyfinder when downloading using the Google Chrome browser in Windows 8. If you're downloading on a different version of Windows or are using a browser other than Chrome, your download progress indicator will probably look different.

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Extract the Program From the Winkeyfinder ZIP File

Screenshot of the extraction process for Winkeyfinder in Windows 8
Extract Winkeyfinder (Windows 8).

Open the Winkeyfinder ZIP file after the download is complete.

ZIP files are single files that contain compressed versions of one or more files. To be able to use the files contained in the ZIP file, the ZIP must be uncompressed. There are several programs that uncompress files (like 7-Zip) and you may have one or more of them installed. Because of this, you might have to follow slightly different steps to "unzip" the Winkeyfinder ZIP file.

If you don't have an unzip program installed, a built-in ZIP extraction feature in Windows will prompt you to extract the file contained within the ZIP file to a new folder. Follow whatever instructions are given to complete the file extraction.

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Run the Winkeyfinder Program

Screenshot of Winkeyfinder extracted in Windows 8

After extracting the Winkeyfinder ZIP file to a folder, open the folder to view the contents.

You should see only two files: WinKeyFinder.exe and Release Notes.txt. Double-click WinKeyFinder.exe to run Winkeyfinder.

Winkeyfinder does not actually install on your PC — it simply runs from this single file. If you have trouble locating the file, it's the one with the large yellow key icon as shown in the screenshot above.

The picture above shows what the folder with the extracted Winkeyfinder application file looks like in Windows 8. If you're using a different Windows operating system, your folder might not look the same.

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View Your Windows Product Key

Screenshot of Winkeyfinder v2 Windows 8

Winkeyfinder immediately finds and displays the product key to your Windows operating system installation.

The PC used in our example had Windows 8.1 installed. We've hidden the product key but you can see that Winkeyfinder found it without a problem.

If you have a Microsoft Office program installed, you can click MS Office to display that product key.

If you're using Windows XP, you can change your product key by clicking Change Key located under the product key display. If you'd rather not trust a free program to change your product key, you can change your Windows XP product key manually by making a few registry changes.

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Document Your Found Product Keys

Once you've found the product keys for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, print them out and keep them somewhere safe! There's no need to go through this process twice.

You can export the results to a text file via the Home Save info. option. Or, use the Copy button to copy the product key to your clipboard so that you can paste it wherever you want.

Did you have trouble using Keyfinder or did it not find your product key? Try another free product key finder program. Winkeyfinder is great but if it doesn't work as you expected, it's not of much use. Another free key finder program might do the trick.