How to Find the Windows Vista Product Key Code

If you're preparing to reinstall Windows Vista, you'll need to locate your copy of the Windows Vista product key. Normally this product key is on a sticker on your computer or located with the Windows Vista product manual.

If you've lost your product key, it's located in the registry but is encrypted and not readable, making finding it difficult without using a special program. The key wasn't encrypted in previous versions of Windows like Windows 98.

Follow the steps below to locate your Windows Vista product key code, a very easy process that should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Windows Vista splash screen capture

Please read our Windows Product Keys FAQ for more information.

Finding the Windows Vista product key is the same as how you'd find the Windows product key in other versions of Windows.

Find the Windows Vista Product Key Code

  1. Choose a free product key finder program that supports Windows Vista.

  2. Download and run the key finder program. Follow any instructions provided by the software.

  3. The numbers and letters displayed by the program represent the Windows Vista product key. The product key should be formatted with five sets of five letters and numbers, like this:

  4. Write this key code down exactly as the program displays it to you for use when you reinstall Windows Vista.

Tips & More Information

If you need to install Microsoft Windows Vista but you've tried everything and still can't find your Windows Vista product key, you have two choices...

You can either request a replacement product key from Microsoft or you can purchase a brand new copy of Windows Vista. You can still find a few copies at Amazon. Requesting a replacement Vista product key is going to be cheaper but if that doesn't work out, you may, in fact, have to buy a new copy of Windows.

Windows Vista is long past its supported service date. You should upgrade to Windows 10 to ensure that your computer receives current security patches and anti-malware enhancements.