How to Find Downloads on Android Phones

Locations vary because the app you're using dictates where a file lands

With Android, there is no single place for your downloads to land. This article covers the Android download locations where you can find downloaded files from Google Chrome, Google Messages, Samsung Messages, WhatsApp, or Gmail.

Where Are My Downloads on Android?

To navigate Android's internal storage, you need an Android file manager app such as My Files. You can also connect your phone to a computer to manage files and folders.

In most instances, whatever you download will end up in the Downloads folder. However, depending on the app you downloaded from, the location might be different. If you're an Android user (Android 7 or later), locating your downloads is similar to using Windows Explorer or Mac's Finder.

If you're an iPhone user running iOS 11 or 12, Apple's Files app connects you with all your device's storage locations, both locally and in the cloud.

Google Chrome Downloads on Android

To access Google Chrome downloads on Android:

  1. Open your file manager, go to Internal storage, then choose Download.

  2. All files and attachments downloaded from Chrome are in your Download folder.

Google Messages Downloads on Android

To access Google Messages downloads on Android:

  1. Open your preferred file manager, tap Internal storage, then tap Pictures.

  2. Select Messages.

  3. All your downloaded images, videos, and voice clips will be in the Messages folder.

    A screenshot of Android's Message's gallery location.

Samsung Messages Downloads on Android

To access Samsung Messages downloads on Android:

  1. Open your preferred file manager, then choose Internal storage.

  2. Select Download.

  3. All attachments downloaded via Samsung Messages will be in the Download folder.

    A screenshot showing downloaded files on a Samsung device.

WhatsApp Downloads on Android

To access WhatsApp downloads on Android:

  1. Open your file manager and select Internal storage > WhatsApp.

    Navigating to the WhatsApp directory.
  2. Select Media.

  3. Your files and attachments are stored in their respective folders within WhatsApp's Media directory.

    A screenshot of Whatsapp's media folders.

    Videos and pictures downloaded with apps like Hangouts and Textra are located in their respective folders in your device's Internal storage.

Gmail Downloads on Android

To access your Gmail downloads on Android:

  1. Open your file manager, go to Internal storage, then choose Download.

  2. All attachments downloaded from Gmail are in your Download folder.

    Apps such as Outlook and Samsung Email also store your attachments in the Download folder.

Downloads Stored on Your iPhone

iPhone users running iOS 11 or newer have more control over where downloaded files are stored. In the past, downloads ended up in a location based on the file type. However, in iOS 11 and later, you can access downloads in the Files app.

In iOS 12 and newer, images and videos that are sent and received via Messages are automatically saved in the Photos app.

Apple's Files app is a more streamlined approach to accessing the images, videos, and documents saved to your phone apps and cloud services. The Files app is essentially the iPhone's file manager for iOS 11 and up.

  1. Tap the Files app.

  2. Tap an option under Locations to explore your iPhone's downloads. Or, you can use the Search bar at the top of the screen to quickly search for the file or image.

Screenshots of Files in iOS.
  • How do I stop a download on Android?

    To stop a download on Android from the Google Play Store, tap the X on the progress bar during the download. If you're downloading from an app, there's no clear-cut way to stop the download, aside from turning off Wi-Fi.

  • How do I download YouTube videos on Android?

    To download YouTube videos on your Android, you'll need a YouTube Premium subscription. Use the YouTube app to navigate to the video you want to download and tap Download below the video. Choose your download quality option, such as 720p or 360p.

  • How do I download apps on Android?

    To download apps on Android on Google Play, open the Google Play Store app, tap the app you want, and tap Install. You can also manage downloads using the Play Store on your desktop. From the Amazon AppStore app, turn on the Install unknown apps setting, find the app, and tap Get > Download.

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