Zip Codes and Area Codes: How to Find Them Online

Can't remember that zip code? Find it online

Find an area code online

Instead of flipping through a large, unwieldy telephone book to find an area code or zip code, you can simply search for an area code or a zip code using a variety of methods. 

Find a Zip Code on the Web

Zip codes - numerical codes used to facilitate mail delivery - can be found and verified on the Web quite easily. Here are the easiest ways to find zip codes online.

  • USPS Zip Code Lookup: If you have an address (or partial address), you can look up the zip code here. You can also search by city, company, or find all cities in a particular zip code.
  • International Post Codes: This site (maintained by Columbia University) offers an extensive index of both domestic and international postal codes, as well as mailing acronyms, policies, and best practices.

    You can also use various search engines to find zip codes; for example:

    • Google: Type in your zip code and Google will bring back what geographic location it belongs to, as well as maps and Web results.
    • DuckDuckGo: Type in a zip code and DuckDuckGo returns a map, the location of the zip code, weather, real estate, and pertinent Web results.
    • Bing: A zip code look-up at Bing brings back what city/locale it pertains to, maps, and local attractions (grocery stores, hotels, movie theaters, etc.).

    Use a Search Engine for an Area Code Search

    If you're trying to figure out what part of the country a U.S. area code is related to, all you need to do is type in the area code into most any search engine. This works best in the following search engines. 

    Find an Area Code with Search Engines

    Using Google to find an area code: Finding an area code with Google is quite easy. Simply type in the name of the city and state you're looking for, followed by the words area code, and you'll usually come up with what you're looking for. How about international listings? Not too much more difficult; for example, I typed in "Nairobi calling code", and received a very informative result that told me exactly what I needed to in order to call someone living in this country. 

    Using Yahoo to find an area code: Using Yahoo to find an area code is quite similar in process to that of Google; just type in the city and state and you'll get an instant result. International codes? Not as easily found as using Google; using the same query as previous didn't get me the streamlined results I had before. You'll have to do more digging, then, with Yahoo than with Google.

    Using Bing to find an area code: Type in the city and state and you won't get instant results at Bing; however, you will get a very informative page of listings that can help you drill down further; this is the same when you search for international calling codes. Neither Yahoo or Bing feature the instant search results that Google does; however, you do receive plenty of search listing results that will give you the information that you need with just one extra click. Use these extra tips to help you when you search on Bing.

    Using Wolfram Alpha to find an area code: Out of all the search engines on this list, the computational engine Wolfram Alpha was by far the most helpful when attempting to find an area code in the United States; not only did I get an area code for the city I was looking for, but I also received information about adjacent cities, their area codes, and interesting tidbits of information about the area code I was looking for (for example, the date it was established).

    Websites that Specialize in Area Code Search

    There's also quite a few websites that allow you to drill down and find area codes that aren't easily discoverable in a simple search engine query.

    Here are a few free resources you can use to find nearly any area code and/or country calling code in the world. 

    • BT Phonebook: Use this site to find area codes in the UK.
    • Area Codes: Area codes from mostly the States; there are other countries scattered in here as well.
    • LincMad: A zip code map that offers a visual representation of area codes in both the United States and Canada.
    • Country Codes: This site asks you what country you're calling from and to in order to assign the correct country code and/or area code.

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