How to Filter Similar Messages in Gmail

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Now you're in. However you made it to their address book, you're now in; in on anything that can possibly be forwarded.

Fortunately, all their forwarded messages have "FW:" in the subject. Fortunately, setting up a filter in ​Gmail from just one of these forwards is easy.

Filter Similar Messages in Gmail

To set up a new rule for email similar to the one you're viewing in Gmail:

  • Open a message like the ones you like Gmail to filter automatically.
  • Click More actions.
  • Select Filter messages like these from the menu.
  • Adjust the filter criteria:
    • If you want to filter messages from the same sender, you're all set.
    • To filter messages to a mailing list, or one of your addresses, enter it in the To: line.
    • Use the Subject: field for words and phrases in the subject.
    • Use Has the words: and Doesn't have to look for or exclude words or phrases in the message body.
    • Use quotation marks ("key phrase") to match entire phrases.
    • Use '|' or "OR" to make the rule match one or the other. "|" will filter messages from either or
  • Click a desired message in the search results to view it and copy search criteria such as a specific email address, subject or body text. Make sure you use Test Search before to preserve any changes you have made to the filter criteria.
  • Use the Test Search button to verify your criteria do match the desired messages.
  • Click Next Step ››.
  • Specify the desired filter actions.
  • Optionally, check Also apply filter to x conversation(s) below. to have the filter actions immediately taken for existing messages. Future messages will be filtered automatically, of course.
  • Click Create Filter.
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