Learn to Filter Similar Messages in Gmail

Be more productive with Gmail filters

Gmail's filters simplify email management and are particularly useful for users who send and receive a lot of email. These custom filters direct and classify emails according to criteria you specify. The easiest way to set up a filter is to base it on an individual email you have received. Here's how:

  1. Open an email like tthose you want Gmail to filter automatically—for example, from a certain person or company, or with a subject that's common to all the emails in question.

  2. Click More (represented by three vertical dots) above the email.

    The More menu
  3. Select Filter messages like these from the menu.

    The "Filter messages like these" command
  4. Adjust the filter criteria.

    • If you want to filter messages from the same sender, you're all set.
    • To filter messages to a mailing list or one of your addresses, enter it in the To line.
    • Use the Subject field to filter for words and phrases in the subject line.
    • Use Has the words and Doesn't have to look for or exclude words or phrases in the message body.
    • Use quotation marks to match entire phrases.
    • Use I or OR to make the rule match one or the other. For example, me@example.com|you@example.com filters messages received from either me@example.com or you@example.com.
    • Place a check in the box next to Has attachment to filter only emails with attachments.
    • Place a check in the box next to Don't include chats, if desired.
    • Indicate any size limitations.
    Gmail filter search criteria
  5. Click Create filter.

    The Create Filter button
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