How to Export All Your Google Calendar Data

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Moving from Google Calendar to another application to plan your events and priorities? Trying to move from one Google Calendar account to another? Eager to create a backup copy of your current Google Calendar data?​​​

Fortunately, it's easy to get all your calendars out of Google Calendar in a format that many scheduling applications can understand. Exported to ICS files, you can re-import your calendars into another Google Calendar or Apps account, save them for archiving or backup, and add them to many a calendaring application — online or on your computer —, of course.

Export All Your Google Calendar Data

To export all your calendars (not including those to which you merely subscribe) from Google Calendar as ICS files:

  • Select Settings | Calendar settings in Google Calendar.
  • Go to the Calendars tab.
  • Follow the Export calendars link under My Calendars.
  • If prompted:
    • Enter your Google account password under Password:.
    • Click Sign in.

You can now import the ICS files in iCal or Outlook, for example.