How to Enable Cookies in Firefox

Get internet cookies working in Firefox on iOS, Android, and desktop

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source web browser known for being fast, private, and secure. Like other internet browsers, Firefox collects cookies from websites to help remember your individual site preferences. Cookies also keep you logged in to certain websites, which saves time.

If you find yourself logged out of frequently used websites, or websites continually forget your settings, Firefox cookies may have been disabled. Here's how to enable cookies in Firefox and get back this customized functionality.

These instructions apply to the Firefox web browser on iOS and Android devices, as well as macOS and Windows systems.

A man about to enable cookies in the Firefox internet browser app on his smartphone.
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What Happens When I Allow Cookies in Firefox?

When you enable cookies, Firefox will automatically collect cookies as you browse the web. This happens in the background and won't interfere with your internet browsing experience.

Cookies are used to keep you logged into a website, so you don't have to sign in every time you visit. Cookies also help websites remember your personal preferences, such as a color theme or which widgets you want to be displayed on a page.

Some online advertising companies use cookies to show you ads related to your browsing history.

How to Turn on Cookies in Firefox on iOS

If you're using an iOs device such as an iPhone or iPad, enabling cookies in Firefox is a quick and easy adjustment in settings.

  1. Open the Firefox app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then tap the three horizontal lines (Menu) in the lower-right corner of the screen.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Tap Data Management.

    Screenshots of the Firefox app with the More, Settings, and Data Management options highlighted
  4. On the Data Management screen, if the switch next to Cookies is blue, this means cookies are enabled in your Mozilla Firefox app. If you ever want to disable cookies in Firefox, toggle off this switch.

Most internet browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, will have cookies enabled by default, so you likely won't have to enable them unless you or someone else has turned them off.

How to Enable Cookies in Firefox on Android

Enabling Firefox cookies on an Android device is a similar process to iPhones and iPads.

  1. Open the Firefox app on your Android smartphone or tablet and tap the three dots (Menu) in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  2. From this menu, tap Settings > Clear private data.

    Despite its name, this option won't clear data and will instead take you to another settings screen.

  3. On the next screen, make sure the box next to Cookies & active logins is checked. If it isn't, tap the box to place a checkmark and enable cookies.

    Screenshots of the Android Firefox app with Settings, Clear Private Data, and a checkbox highlighted

How to Allow Cookies in Firefox on the Desktop

On a Mac or Windows computer, it's easy to allow cookies in the Firefox web browser.

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser on your Windows or Mac computer, then select the three horizontal lines icon (Menu) in the top-right corner.

    A screenshot of Firefox with the More menu highlighted
  2. Select Preferences.

    A screenshot of Firefox with the Preferences option highlighted
  3. On the left side of the screen, select Privacy & Security.

    A screenshot of Firefox preferences with the Privacy & Security heading highlighted
  4. If Standard is checked, this is the default setting, and all cookies are enabled.

    A screenshot of Firefox Browser Privacy with the Standard option highlighted
  5. If Strict is selected, no cookies will be allowed. To enable cookies, switch to Standard or Custom.

  6. If you select Custom, either uncheck Cookies to allow all cookies, or select the setting to only block Cross-site and social media trackers.

    A screenshot of Firefox's Custom Privacy settings with Cookies highlighted
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