How to Embed a YouTube Video Into Your WordPress Blog

Enrich your WordPress blog with embedded YouTube videos

Embedding YouTube videos into your WordPress blog is an excellent way to keep your visitors engaged and interested. Whether you wish to embed your video content or someone else's, WordPress makes the process straightforward and hassle-free.

This article applies to both self-hosted ( and free-hosted ( blogs.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress with oEmbed

oEmbed is a format that lets you copy the video URL directly into the WordPress' editor, no additional code is necessary, and you can use either the full URL or the shortened one.

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard, select Posts > Add new.

    A screenshot of the self-hosted WordPress dashboard.
  2. Select the + icon to add a new block, then select YouTube.

    A screenshot showing how to add a new content block in WordPress.
  3. Go to the YouTube video you wish to embed, select SHARE, then select COPY.

    A screenshot showing YouTube's sharing options.
  4. Go back to your WordPress post, paste the video URL, then select Embed.

    A screenshot showing YouTube's auto-embed feature in WordPress.

    You can also paste the YouTube URL directly into the content editor, in both visual and text view.

  5. Select Publish to make your video go live.

    A screenshot showing a YouTube video inside the WordPress editor.
  6. That's it!

Embed a YouTube Video into Your Sidebar With Widgets

If you prefer to place a YouTube video in your blog's sidebar, use the video widget.

Ensure your WordPress theme supports sidebars to utilize the video widget.

  1. From your Dashboard, select Appearance > Widgets.

    A screenshot of the appearance menu in WordPress.
  2. Drag the Video widget over to the blog sidebar.

    A screenshot showing available widgets in WordPress.
  3. Give the video a title, then select Add Video.

    A screenshot of the video widget in WordPress.
  4. Select Insert from URL in the upper left corner.

    A screenshot of the add video option in WordPress.
  5. Enter the video URL, then select Add to Widget once the video appears.

    A screenshot of a video instered from the URL.
  6. Select Save.

    A screenshot of the video widget in WordPress.
  7. You're done!

How to Embed a YouTube Video With the Iframe Element

YouTube offers a wide variety of player parameters to help customize the playback experience. Embedding your videos with iframes allows you to customize how the video player looks and functions with options like autoplay, language preference, video width/height, looping, playlist, and several more.

  1. From the WordPress content editor, select HTML.

    A screenshot of the WordPress content editor.
  2. Go to the YouTube video you wish to embed, select SHARE, then select EMBED.

    A screenshot showing the shariing options for a YouTube video.
  3. Select COPY.

    A screenshot showing the iframe element embed code for a YouTube video.
  4. Paste the iframe code into the HTML box in WordPress, then select Preview.

    A screenshot of the HTML box in edit mode for WordPress.
  5. Select Update if the video looks right.

    A screenshot of preview mode in WordPress.

    Experiment with different Player Parameters within your iframe code for full customization. Add each parameter after the source (src) URL.

  6. That's it!

Embed YouTube Video With WordPress Plugins

Using a plugin is another reliable method for embedding YouTube videos.
Some plugins give you a wide range of additional features to help

  1. From your Dashboard, select Plugins > Add New.

    A screnshot of the plugin menu in WordPress.
  2. Enter "youtube embed" into the plugin search box, choose a plugin, then select Install Now.

    A screenshot of the add plugins page in WordPress.
  3. Select Activate once the plugin is installed.

    A screenshot showing search results for youtube embedding plugins.
  4. You're good to go!