How to Email a GIF

Send that perfect ounce of happiness in GIF form

There's no better way to lighten up that business email than by using an animated GIF. Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo all allow you to email a GIF. Here's how.

How to Email a GIF Using Gmail

Before you get started, you need to find that perfect GIF to email. Once you do that, you're ready to get started using Gmail.

Although GIFs viewed on the Gmail mobile app are animated, you can't send GIFs using the mobile app.

There are two ways to insert a GIF into a Gmail. You can copy and paste the GIF's webpage link, or you can upload a GIF from your computer.

Copy and Paste GIF Link in Gmail

To add a GIF to an email using a web link:

  1. Open Gmail and select Compose.

    Compose button in Gmail
  2. Locate the GIF you want to send on a website.You need the GIF's link to copy into Gmail.

    Most links are called "GIF link." If you're stuck, look for a button with "Download Link" or "Media" in front of it.

  3. Copy the GIF's link.

    A GIF Link on a website
  4. Return to Gmail and select the Insert Photo icon in the bottom toolbar of the new email message.

    Insert photo icon at the bottom of a new Gmail message
  5. Select Web Address (URL).

    Gmaiil selection tab for Web Address (URL)
  6. Paste the GIF link into the field. Gmail shows an animated preview of the image. If everything looks good, select Insert.

    A GIF inserted into a Gmail new message

    To resize the GIF, select it and use the blue handles to make it smaller or larger.

Enter the email address, subject line, and text of the email, and your GIF is ready to be sent.

Upload a GIF From Computer in Gmail

To upload a GIF saved on your computer, select the Insert Photo icon, then select Upload. You can upload your GIF from here, inserting it into the body of your email.

How to Send a GIF Using Outlook

Adding a GIF you've downloaded to your computer is easy using Outlook. To get started, open Outlook on your computer.

  1. Once Outlook is open, select New Email to start composing.

    New Email option in Outlook
  2. In the top ribbon, select Pictures.

    Pictures option in Outlook Mail
  3. Choose Picture from File in the drop-down menu.

    Picture from File selection in Outlook
  4. Locate the GIF on your computer and select Insert to place the GIF file in the body of the email.

    GIF inserted into an Outlook email.

    You can also drag and drop .gif files from your computer into an Outlook email.

Enter the sender address, a subject line, and text of the email, and your Outlook email with GIF is ready to send.

How to Email a GIF Using Yahoo Mail

Yahoo makes it incredibly easy to send GIFs using its built-in GIF tool. You can also drag and drop your favorite GIF using its in-line photo capabilities.

Using Yahoo's GIF Tool

  1. To find a GIF using the Yahoo tool, open Yahoo mail and select Compose to start a new email.

    Yahoo Mail on desktop
  2. In the bottom toolbar, select the GIF icon. Here, you'll find a collection of popular GIFs.

    Yahoo GIF tool on desktop

    You can choose from these GIFs or search for your own using the search field.

  3. Once you find the perfect GIF, select it to insert it into your email.

    Screenshot of GIF in Yahoo email on desktop

There you have it. Add the sender, subject line, and text, and your GIF email is ready to go.

Using Yahoo's Drag and Drop Feature

If you've already located and downloaded a GIF you want to use, there's an even simpler method to include it in a Yahoo email. Just open a new email screen and drag and drop the GIF into the body of the email. That's it.

GIF not animated? Make sure it's a .gif file.

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