How to Email a To-do List from Gmail Tasks

There's no need to cut and paste

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Wake up to your to-do list and send it with ease in Gmail. Caspar Benson/Getty Images

If you have your tasks in Gmail, you should be able to get them out of Gmail, too—by email, of course.

You Need Not Take a Screenshot to Email Your Tasks from Gmail

You've completed your tasks, and now that those tasks are checked done, it is time to celebrate—first, by sending a copy of the list to your significant other, to your mother, or to yourself, of course.

In Gmail, copying the view of any Tasks list to a new email ready for sending is easy. You don't need to copy and paste any text. You don't need to take a screenshot and find a way to attach it, either.

Instead, one command is all you need. 

Email a To-do List from Gmail Tasks

To send a task list via email from Gmail:

  1. Make sure Gmail Tasks is open.
    1. Tap Gmail, for example, and then Tasks.
  2. Open the desired Gmail Tasks list and view.
  3. Click Actions.
  4. Select Email task list.
  5. Address the email that comes up, change the subject line if you wish, and send it.

Note that completed tasks will not appear differently from unfinished tasks. Gmail Tasks also does not copy notes to the message. You can move tasks between lists, though.