How to Duet on TikTok

Add yourself to someone else's TikTok video

What to Know

  • Tap the ellipses, then tap Duet. After recording, tap Next > add a caption > Post.
  • To prevent strangers from recording duets with you, tap Me > ellipses > Privacy & Safety > Who Can Duet With You > Off.

This article explains how to create a TikTok video with yourself and other TikTokkers. Instructions apply to iOS and Android; you must have an active TikTok account.

How to Duet on TikTok

To start, you must find a video you wish to duet with. If you wish to duet with yourself, simply locate the video on your profile. To find videos from other users, you can search hashtags such as #duet or #duetthis, or you can search through your friends' videos by checking the Following tab on your Home screen.

You can't create a duet with videos that are listed as Private. The video you choose must also be 15 seconds or less.

Once you find the video you wish to duet with, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. After opening the video, tap the ellipses to the right of your screen.

  2. From the menu, tap Duet.

  3. On the following screen, record your duet in the same way you record a standard video.

    Duets do not record audio. Instead, the original audio will play over the second video.

  4. Once you review your video and are satisfied, tap Next.

    Not happy with your duet? Tap the back arrow to make changes.

  5. Add a caption if you wish and choose your desired privacy settings. Finally, tap Post to post your duet to your profile.

    Screenshots showing how to Duet on TikTok.

How to Enable or Disable the TikTok Duet Function

Want to prevent strangers from creating duets with your videos? You can disable or enable the duet function easily inside your TikTok account.

  1. Open the TikTok app and tap Me to view your profile.

  2. Tap the ellipses in the top corner of your screen, then tap Privacy and Safety.

  3. Tap Who can Duet with you, then choose Everyone, Friends, or Off.

    Screenshots showing how to enable Duet.

What Is a TikTok Duet Anyway?

On TikTok, a duet is a single video featuring two people side-by-side, regardless of their location. You can duet with yourself or other users on the TikTok app.

For example, some users will select the duet feature to film a reaction to another video. They also use this feature to record two people doing an action such as singing a song, acting out a scene from a familiar movie, etc. You can also complete fun challenges others post on TikTok using the duet feature.

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