How to Download Yahoo Messenger 11

Yahoo! Messenger has been discontinued as of July 2018

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Navigate to the Yahoo Messenger Website

Yahoo! Messenger discontinued


Have you upgraded to Yahoo Messenger 11 yet? In the latest version of the popular IM client, users can send and receive instant messages, connect over video chat, integrate Facebook into your buddy list and much more. Best of all, getting started with the new IM client software is fast and easy.

How to Download Yahoo Messenger 11
To get started, just follow these easy steps to download the client application to your PC:

  1. Launch your Web browser and point to the Yahoo Messenger website.
  2. Click the yellow "Download Now" button.
  3. When prompted, save the file to your computer, preferably your desktop for easy locating of the installation file.
  4. Locate the Yahoo Messenger installer file labeled "msgr11us" on your PC. The file will be represented with an icon which appears as the Yahoo smiley face inside a brown packing box. Double-click the icon to continue.
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Select the Most Appropriate Yahoo Messenger Installation for Your Needs

Yahoo Messenger 11 Download and Installation
Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2011 Yahoo! Inc.

Next, if prompted by a Windows Security Warning message, click "Run" to begin the Yahoo Messenger 11 installation process.

When the Yahoo installer software launches, users will need to choose between two different installation processes, which include "typical install" and "custom install." Clicking on one link or the other cannot be changed without canceling your installation and restarting the software, so consider your needs before you install Yahoo Messenger 11 under either method.

Which Installation Should You Choose?
Need help choosing between the typical and custom install? If you are not opposed to downloading additional programs and resources created by Yahoo, choose the typical installation. Otherwise, if you would like to choose between these products before you download them to your computer, choose the custom install.

What is Included in the Yahoo Messenger 11 Typical Install?
By choosing the typical install, you opt-in to download these additional programs from Yahoo:

  • Yahoo Toolbar: With this plugin, access to your buddy list, status messaging and Yahoo search are not far away, but embedded right in your web browser.
  • BrowserPlus: This Yahoo product claims to optimize your web browser to send attachments in Yahoo Mail, upload photos to Flickr, and streamline access to other Yahoo services.
  • Your browser's home page will be updated to point to Yahoo's main index page.
  • Yahoo Search: Your computer's choice search engine will be updated to utilize Yahoo Search for all future searches.

How to Opt-Out of Extra Products
Don't want the additional products offered in the Yahoo Messenger 11 typical install? Select the custom install and uncheck the boxes next to each additional software offering. Once complete, click "Next" to continue.

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Accept the Yahoo TOS (Terms of Service)

Yahoo TOS Terms of Service Agreement
Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2011 Yahoo! Inc.

Next, users must accept the Yahoo Terms of Service agreement in order to continue the Yahoo Messenger 11 installation process.

Read through the agreement and check the checkbox, signifying you have read the TOS. Click "Next" to continue.

Do I Need to Read the Yahoo TOS?
A majority of computer users do not read terms of service before using software or applications. Unfortunately, this leaves users at a great disadvantage.

The Yahoo TOS outlines the user's rights to use the Yahoo Messenger 11 software, liabilities, and wavers. Yes, these agreements are a lot of legalize, but they also contain such important information including how your information and data can be used. For persons concerned about privacy, it is important to read these items carefully.

A Quick Read of the Yahoo TOS
For those who do not want to mine through the multi-paragraph agreement, I have taken the guesswork out of what it says. Here are the key takeaways for Yahoo Messenger 11 users:

  • Don't Harass or Disrupt Others. Under Section 6 of the Yahoo TOS ("MEMBER CONDUCT"), users are informed they should not intentionally bully other Yahoo Messenger users or cause a disruption in service, which includes using booters and other nuisance tricks.
  • You Own It, But They Can Use It. Under Section 9, entitled "CONTENT SUBMITTED OR MADE AVAILABLE FOR INCLUSION ON THE YAHOO! SERVICES," users are informed that any photos, graphics, and text you post while using Yahoo Messenger can be used by Yahoo for any reason, including advertising and commercial purposes, while you use their software.
  • If It Breaks (or is Broke), They Aren't Responsible. Finally, in Sections 19 and 20, users are informed that if the software itself is broken or a user experiences loss or damages to themselves, their computer and more, you are on your own. Yahoo cannot be held liable for any such loss, as described in full in the Yahoo TOS.
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Install Yahoo Messenger 11

Yahoo Messenger 11 Installation
Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2011 Yahoo! Inc.

Next, users can begin their installation of Yahoo Messenger 11. Verify that you have opt-in (or out) of the Yahoo software of your choice on the window (as illustrated above), and click the "Install" button.

Installing your Yahoo Messenger 11 download can take up to five minutes on a Broadband connection. For older computers or computers using a download connection, the installation could take longer.

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Your Yahoo Messenger 11 Download is Complete

Yahoo Messenger Download
Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2011 Yahoo! Inc.

When you see the above window, your Yahoo Messenger 11 download and installation is complete. You can now click "Finish" to close the window.

If the checkbox next to "Launch Yahoo Messenger" is checked, the IM client will open on the desktop. Sign in and enjoy your fresh copy of Yahoo Messenger 11.