How to Download and Play Fortnite on PS4

Use the PlayStation console for the epic battle game

What to Know

  • Go to the PlayStation Store and press X on the console's main menu, then search for, select, and download Fortnite: Battle Royale.
  • Since there are up to 100 people in a single match of Fortnite, you'll need to wait a bit after choosing to start a game to actually begin.
  • Game basics include building, learning weapons, and paying attention to the circle. Customizing your character may take real money.

This article explains how to find and install Fortnite, the massively popular video game, on your PS4.

How to Get Fortnite on PS4

Finding and downloading Fortnite is pretty straightforward.

  1. Make sure your PlayStation 4 is connected to your Wi-Fi and you're signed in on your profile. Your console should do this automatically when you turn it on.

  2. Navigate to the PlayStation Store on your console's main menu and press X.

  3. Move to the Search option at the top of the screen. Press X to bring up a keyboard, and start typing "Fortnite." It will auto-populate as you start to spell it out, so select Fortnite: Battle Royale once you see it.

  4. Move to the right side of the screen to highlight the Game Page option. From there, you'll be able to download Fortnite.

Tips for Playing Fortnite on PS4

You've got Fortnite installed, so one question remains: how do you play? Here are the basics to getting started—you'll be climbing the leader board in no time.

Use the Prematch Waiting to Familiarize Yourself With the Controls

Since there are up to 100 people in a single match of Fortnite, you'll need to wait a bit after choosing to start a game to actually begin. Instead of sitting on a loading screen, you'll drop on an island with the other players. Learn the controls, pick up some equipment, and find out how it all works. The game will start for real a few moments later.

Learn How to Build

If you ever watch Fortnite pros at work, you'll be amazed at how quickly they can build. The key to this is practice—if you want to find success, outbuilding your opponents will get you there.

Learn Your Weapons

There are a ton of viable weapons and strategies in Fortnite, but most newbies will probably want to stick to SMGs or assault rifles. These are the most similar to weapons in other shooters—they fire a lot of bullets and do decent damage.

fortnite sniper tower
 Epic Games

Also, the general rule of thumb is rarer weapons are better—watch the color scale to determine rarity. Grey weapons are the most common, scaling upwards through green, blue, purple, and finally, gold.

Pay Attention to the Circle

The map in Fortnite is massive, giving everyone a chance to gear up before encountering too many enemies, but it quickly starts to shrink at timed intervals throughout the match. You can always see how long until the circle begins to shrink, forcing all the surviving players into smaller and smaller areas. You take damage if you're outside the circle, so don't stay out there longer than you need to.

If You Really Want to Customize Your Character, You'll Have to Drop Some Actual Money

You can unlock a few things in Fortnite without spending a dime, but you'll need to purchase the Battle Pass to actually get any decent loot. If you do purchase the Battle Pass, you'll earn rewards the more you play, eventually unlocking new options to customize your character. You can also spend money directly, buying the things you want in the store, but be careful—you can spend a lot of money this way, and the items won't actually help you. They just look pretty.

What Is Fortnite for PS4?

Many people don't realize that Fortnite actually has two distinctive ways to play. When you hear people talk about the game, they're almost assuredly talking about Fortnite: Battle Royale—the free version of the game that pits 100 players against one another in a slowly shrinking arena. However, there is another mode called Fortnite: Save the World, which is actually how the game originally started.

fortnite warehouse shooting
Epic Games 

Save the World is a cooperative shooter that pits several players against AI-controlled enemies. It features several similarities to the mechanics of Battle Royale, but there are a few key differences.

For the context of this piece, we focused on Fortnite: Battle Royale, as it's the version that's dominated the video game landscape for so long.

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