How to Dispose of Old Keyboards

Ways to ditch your keyboard responsibly

Even if they're beyond repair, old keyboards contain valuable and sometimes even heavy metals. It's important to reuse or recycle these kinds of devices whenever possible. If you can't find any use for it, make sure you take it somewhere that will dispose of it responsibly and won't simply ship it overseas.

Can I Throw Away Old Keyboards?

You can, but finding a service that can safely and ethically recycle it is far better. That way, you can rest assured that much of the keyboard is reusable for other devices in the future. The service will remove any harmful metals, plastics, or chemicals so it doesn't pollute the environment in the future.

One option worth considering if you don't want to dispose of the keyboard yourself is to contact the original manufacturer. Sometimes they will take old keyboards and dispose of them themselves, as they already have robust e-waste recycling programs in place for all of their parts and materials.

Where Can I Get Rid of Old Keyboards?

If the keyboard works, maybe you have a friend or family member who could make use of it. Reusing is always better than recycling if you can.

Alternatively, if you don't know anyone you'd like to give the keyboard, you could try selling it. Craigslist and eBay are good online marketplaces for older equipment that is still usable. Keyboards and other computer parts can command a great price if they're in good condition.

If you don't care to make money from your old keyboard, you could also donate it to a thrift store to help others in need.

However, if the keyboard doesn't work, you'll need to consider your local services. Some local recycling services will take e-waste, but make sure the service recycles it responsibly and doesn't simply ship the e-waste to other countries where it may not be disposed of responsibly. Alternatively, some states and counties offer e-waste recycling services you can use. You may be able to contact your municipal solid waste agency to find out what they recycle and where.

If you have a big box store near you like Best Buy or Staples, take advantage of their e-waste recycling programs. Alternatively, some smaller computer store chains also have recycling available.

Can You Put a Keyboard In the Garbage Can?

Some states may have laws against simply throwing e-waste, as there can be harmful metals and plastics in them, which could damage the environment.

  • Why should I recycle my old electronics?

    E-waste is a serious environmental issue because old electronics in landfills leak chemicals into our soil and water. Unfortunately, only about 20% of e-waste is appropriately recycled.

  • How do I fix my broken keyboard?

    If your keyboard isn't working, check the batteries, check the physical connection, reset the Bluetooth connection, and clean the keys. If you have a mechanical keyboard, you can replace the keys. In the meantime, use the Accessibility Keyboard.

  • How do I recycle my old laptop?

    If you want to recycle a laptop, first check to see if you can donate or sell it, then look for an e-waste recycling facility. It's also important to properly dispose of your laptop battery.

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