How to Disable Inbox Tabs in Gmail

Disable inbox tabs in Gmail
Google, Inc.

Return Gmail to an inbox that shows all messages simply ordered by date.

Simple and Elegant Trumps Smart and Baroque?

An inbox is an inbox—and not two or five. Why let Gmail filter out some messages to special tabs when all that adds is at least one more click to make?

If you prefer your Gmail inbox elegant and simple, you can disable inbox tabs in reasonably simple a manner. All messages previously found only on tabs will appear under Inbox then.

Disable Inbox Tabs in Gmail

To turn off tabs in your Gmail inbox and see all messages in one list:

  1. Select + next to the rightmost tab in your Gmail inbox.
  2. Make sure only Primary is checked under Select tabs to enable.
    1. Uncheck Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.
  3. Select Save.