How to Develop Mobile App Software

Developing a mobile app is, indeed, no joke. While app programming can sometimes present the biggest problem to mobile app developers, ensuring the success of your app in the mobile app marketplace is yet another big hurdle to cross. Here, we bring you a how-to section on developing mobile app software, which will help give your app the required power and exposure to emerge successful in any app marketplace.

Beginning to End of Developing an App

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  1. Select an exclusive niche for your app. Decide exactly what you want your app to do and how you should present it before your future audience. See to it that your chosen niche is popular, but not too saturated.

  2. Check out all similar apps in popular app stores. Look up their popularity quotient by studying their download statistics, or by looking into their ratings and reviews. Also, try to find out how they manage to strike that special chord with users.

  3. If possible, try downloading similar apps, to know about their pros and cons and also to see what makes them tick, from an end-user perspective. Though you may have to spend on some of these apps, it will give you a fair idea about the competition.

  4. See that your app offers something that special extra something to your users. This will let your app stand out from the rest.

  5. Be minimalistic with the app’s features initially. Try not to cram too many things into your first release — more advanced features can be added onto your future releases.

  6. Initially, develop mobile software for only one mobile platform. Do not rush to deliver the same to multiple mobile platforms unless you are absolutely sure where you are going with your app. Make sure to plan ahead and choose the right mobile platform for your app.

  7. If possible, make detailed UI sketches of all app screens, instead of merely writing them down. This will make it easier for you and also give the app a better finish.

  8. Develop your app in-house if you can. This saves you a lot of time and money. Else, be very particular about the person or company you hire to develop your app for you. Be actively involved in every stage of the app development and test it thoroughly before submitting it to the marketplace.

  9. Look into the nitty-gritty’s of the mobile app market you would like to target. Understand the app market’s specifications and stipulations, so that you minimize the chances of rejection to that extent.

  10. Set the right keyword and description for your app. This is an important aspect of app submission and may also help minimize your own app promotion efforts in the app store.

  11. It is also important that you set the right price for your app. Study the pricing of similar apps in the market and price your app competitively, at par with them. Ideally, offer users a free trial edition of your app. This will let you gauge the public response to your app, without immediately inviting criticism from end-users.

  12. Take your customers seriously. Listen closely to what they have to say via their feedback and app ratings. This will give you pointers on how to proceed with later versions of your app as well.


  • Talk to your friends about the app you have in mind. They will be able to give you a third-person perspective on the same.
  • Set up a clear schedule and deadline for the release of your app. Stick to that schedule, so that you do not delay the whole process by procrastinating.
  • Ask friends to test your app before actually submitting it to the marketplace. After app submission, ask them to rate and review the software — that will make it look like you already have customers.
  • Take time out for app marketing and promotion. Create a website for your app and upload photos and videos of the same online. In short, try to give your app the maximum possible exposure.
  • Keep your entire focus on the end-user. Remember, they are the reason why you are developing the app in the first place!
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