A Step-By-Step Guide to Deleting Your GMX Mail Account

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Signing up for a new email address occasionally can't hurt. In with the newly created, then, and out with the stale address from yesteryear. If your old email client is GMX Mail, deleting it is just as easy as setting up a new one—maybe easier even. Although GMX accounts are free and include unlimited storage for your emails, they don't offer two-factor authentication. This feature has become standard with most email clients and is known to do a better job of protecting your privacy.

Delete Your GMX Mail Account

To delete a GMX Mail account including all emails saved online and your GMX Mail address book:

  1. Open your GMX email account.

  2. Click the Home tab in the navigation bar at the top of the email screen.

  3. Open the My Account tab.

  4. Select the Account Details category in the left sidebar.

  5. Click the Delete Account button on the window that opens.

  6. Click Delete Account under the explanation of the deletion process.

  7. Enter your GMX password when prompted to do so.

  8. Click Save changes.

A confirmation message notifies you that your account is deleted. The deletion takes place immediately.

Take Precautions When Deleting Your Account

Your deleted GMX Mail address will be available for someone else to pick up after a 180-day waiting period. Anyone who signs up with your old username can then send emails from your old GMX Mail address and receive messages sent to it, which could cause confusion or privacy issues. For example, if you signed up for your GMX account using a social media login such as Facebook or Twitter, revoke all access to the social media service from GMX before deleting the account.