How to Delete Songs Directly From Your iPhone

Tired of those tunes? Set them free to make room for more

Delete song in iOS

Since iOS 5, it hasn't been necessary to connect an iPhone to a computer with a cable to remove songs from the phone. The method to delete music is hidden to avoid the accidental removal of songs. However, you can access this hidden option so you can quickly delete songs and free up space on your phone.

Instructions in this article apply to iPhones with iOS 12 and iOS 11.

Delete Songs From Your iPhone

With iCloud and the iPhone, you can see all your music, whether it is downloaded or in the cloud. When you want to delete songs that are stored locally on your iOS device, simplify this task by displaying only the downloaded music and not the tunes that are stored in the cloud.

Here's how to view only the downloaded music on your iPhone, and delete the songs from only the phone or from your entire music library.

  1. On the iPhone Home screen, tap Music.

  2. Go to the bottom of the screen, then tap Library.

  3. In the Library screen, select Downloaded Music.

  4. In the Downloaded Music screen, tap Songs to display a list of songs on the iPhone, listed in alphabetical order by the artist.

  5. Tap the song title you want to remove from the iPhone.

    The song begins to play, and a control bar for the song opens at the bottom of the screen. Tap Stop to stop the music.

    Steps to view the songs downloaded to the iPhone
  6. In the control bar, press and hold the title of the song to open an information window.

  7. Tap More (the three-dot icon at the bottom of the screen).

  8. Select Remove.

  9. To remove the song only from the iPhone, tap Remove Download. Or, to delete the song from your music library on all your devices, select Delete from Library.

    Three dot menu icon, Remove button, Remove Download and Delete from Library options in Music

Deleting songs directly on the iPhone is a one-at-a-time process. There is no way to select several songs at once and delete them.

The songs you delete on your iPhone are still in your iTunes library or iCloud (if you synced the phone) unless you specify to delete them from the Library. If you need them on your iPhone again in the future, sync with your iCloud account or computer and download them. If you sync the iPhone with your computer, the songs appear on your iPhone the next time you connect it depending on your settings, unless you disabled auto-syncing.