How to Delete Skype Contacts

You don't need to keep everyone on your list forever

Have you ever looked at your Skype contacts list and thought, "Who are some of these people?" Maybe you called a person once, for business purposes, and never dealt with them again. Perhaps it's time to tidy your Skype contacts list. Whether you want to remove old colleagues or people whose invitations you accepted for a random chat, follow the steps below to delete unwanted contacts from your list.

The instructions in this guide apply to Skype on Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Skype for Windows 10 (version 14), Android (6.0+), and iOS.

How to Delete Skype Contacts

There are two simple ways to delete Skype contacts on any platform. Here's how:

There is no Recycle Bin for deleted contacts. Once you remove them, they're gone for good unless you add them to your list again.

  1. Tap and hold or right-click on the contact you want to remove.

  2. Select View profile.

    A screenshot of Skype with the View Profile command highlighted
  3. What happens next depends on which platform you're using:

  • If you're on a desktop version of Skype, either click the Edit button and click Remove from contact list, or scroll down in the profile window and click Remove from contact list.
  • If you're on a mobile platform, tap the Edit button, then tap the Trash can icon. Or you can scroll down in the profile window and tap Remove from contact list.
A screenshot of a Skype profile with the Remove from contact list button highlighted

How to Delete Skype for Business Contacts

Deleting a contact in Skype for Business is similar to the methods above, although what you see does differ slightly from the regular, consumer-version of Skype.

To remove a contact using Skype for Business, go to the context menu of the Contacts tab, then right-click the contact. Select the Remove From Contacts list option.

Don't choose Remove from Group, which merely removes a person from their current Contact Group.

What Happens When You Delete a Contact?

So, if you remove a contact from Skype do they know that? While they won't receive a notification informing them of the change, they can piece it together if they try to message you, as they'll need to once again request permission to contact you. They may also notice your avatar and other contact info is now gone from their own contacts list.