How to Delete Skype Contacts

You don't need to keep everyone on your list forever

Image of Skype contact to be deleted
Sometimes one of your Skype contacts is no longer needed.

Getty Images / Sam Edwards

When it's time to remove old colleagues on Skype or people whose invitations you accepted for a random Skype chat, follow the steps below. You'll have that list tidied up in no time.

How to Delete Skype Contacts on Windows/Web

There are two simple ways to delete Skype contacts on Windows or the web, which operate the same way.

screenshot showing a menu on Skype for 'remove from contacts'
You can delete contacts directly from the list using the context menu. ​ 

The first is to use the context menu in the Contacts list (shown above), as follows:

  1. Right-click the entry in the Contacts list.
  2. Select Remove from Contacts.
  3. Select Delete in the confirmation dialog.

Note: There is no Recycle Bin for deleted contacts. Once you remove them, you'll need to add them again through one of the above-mentioned methods.

screenshot highlighting the delete contact selection
You can also choose to delete contacts when viewing their profile.

You can also delete the contact when viewing his/her profile, as shown in the above image:

  1. First, right-click on the contact you'd like to delete.
  2. Select View Profile.
  3. In the person's profile, select Delete Contact.
  4. Select Delete in the confirmation dialog.

How to Delete Skype Contacts on macOS

On macOS, the delete option is missing from the Contacts list context menu, but you can delete the contact by viewing their profile.

Screenshot showing the view profile selection
For Skype on macOS, click through to contacts' profiles to remove them.

These are the same steps as outlined above for Windows.

  1. Right-click the contact you'd like to delete.
  2. Click View Profile.
  3. In the person's profile, click Delete Contact.
  4. Click Delete in the confirmation dialog.

How to Delete Skype Contacts on Mobile

Whether your mobile operating system is iOS or Android, the steps to remove a contact are similar.

Contact Long-Press Menu in iOS
A long press on a contact in iOS shows a menu with options.

For iOS and Android Users

  1. Find the individual you want to remove in your contacts list.
  2. Long-press the name, then tap View Profile (shown above for iOS).
  3. Tap Delete contact to remove the person from your list (shown below for Android).

How to Delete Skype for Business Contacts

The actions you take to delete a contact are also similar on Skype for Business, although what you'll see does differ slightly from the regular, consumer-version of Skype.

Screenshot showing the option to remove from contact list
You need to remove Skype for Business contacts from the context menu.

To remove the user from Skype for Business, go to the context menu of the Contacts tab, then right-click the contact. Select the Remove From Contacts list option.

Don't choose Remove from Group, which will merely remove them from their current Contact Group.

What Happens When You Delete a Contact?

Will contacts know you removed them? They won't receive a notification informing them of the change, but they'll be able to piece it together if they try to message you, as they'll need to once again request permission to contact you. They may also notice your avatar and other contact info is now gone.

Screenshot showing an avatar not longer showing
When you delete a Skype contact, info such as their avatar will be lost.