How to Delete Pins on Pinterest

Yes, you can unpin on Pinterest

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Whether you mistakenly saved a pin to the wrong Pinterest board or need to clean up your boards of irrelevant pins, Pinterest makes it easy to delete pins. You can delete a single Pinterest pin for quick fixes or delete pins in bulk to help you save time.

What You Should Know About Deleting Pins

There's no difference between deleting pins you saved from Pinterest or pins you created. Deleting a pin you found in your main feed then saved to a board is no different than deleting a pin you created by uploading a photo, adding a link, and writing a description.

If you delete a pin you created (by uploading a photo and filling in the details), it won't be deleted from other users' boards who saved it. Even though you created the original pin, it will only disappear from your board.

How to Delete Pins on Pinterest Individually

You can delete individual pins from both in a web browser and using the official Pinterest apps for iOS and Android. Instructions are provided below for both, but showing screenshots only for

  1. Navigate to in a web browser or open the Pinterest app on your mobile device and sign into your account if necessary.

  2. Go to the pin page for the pin you want to delete.

  3. Select the pencil icon in the top left corner of the pin page.

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  4. Select Delete.

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    Once you delete a pin, it can't be restored. Be sure you want to delete it before you do.

  5. Select Delete Pin (web) or Delete (app) to confirm the deletion.

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How to Delete Pins on Pinterest in Bulk

If you have a lot of pins and are looking to do some spring cleaning of your boards, you can delete multiple pins at once to make the deletion process quicker and easier.

You can only delete pins in bulk from in a web browser. The Pinterest apps don't have a bulk delete function. You can also only delete pins in bulk from a specific board page—not from your Pins page.

  1. Navigate to in a web browser and sign into your account, if necessary.

  2. Select Boards from the main menu, then select the board containing multiple pins you want to delete.

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  3. On the board page right above your pins, select Organize. This will make all of your pins clickable.

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  4. Select a pin you want to delete. When you do, it will be outlined in red.

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  5. Repeat step 4 for every other pin you want to delete.

    If you accidentally select a pin you don't want to delete, just select it again to deselect. The red outline should disappear.

  6. Once you've selected all the pins you want to delete, scroll back up to the top of the page and select Delete.

    If you delete these pins, it can't be undone. If you just want to remove these pins from this specific board, you can select Move instead to move them to a different board.

  7. Select Delete Pins to confirm the deletion.

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