How to Delete Grindr

When you need to take yourself off the market

Person's hand holding an iPhone with the App Store app listing for Grindr opened.

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The Grindr app was useful when you needed a date, but maybe you're ready to take yourself off the online dating market now. Maybe you found the right person to settle down with, or you're just not interested in dating right now. Whatever the reason, if you're done with it, you'll want to know how to delete Grindr properly. Simply deleting the Grindr app from your mobile device won't actually delete your Grindr account and profile.

The following instructions should work for both Android and iOS devices.

How to Delete Your Grindr Account and Profile on Android

Deleting your Grindr account and profile from an Android device is a little more involved than if you're using an iOS device. The instructions below walk you through how to delete your Grindr account and profile.

  1. Open the Grindr app on your Android device. On the main screen, tap your profile icon; it should be in the shape of a circle and located in the top left corner.

  2. A profile menu should appear. To access your Grindr app settings, either tap the yellow Settings at the bottom or tap your profile picture, then tap the gray gear icon that's now in the top right corner.

  3. Tap Deactivate > Delete Account.

    Three mobile screenshots showing three different steps in how to delete a Grindr account and profile by using an Android device.
  4. On the next screen, choose a reason from the provided list of reasons why you might delete a Grindr account, or tap Skip.

  5. On the next screen, titled "Confirm Delete," you'll need to verify your account to complete the deletion. To do so, enter your email address in the space provided, then tap Delete Profile at the bottom.

  6. A red and white dialog box may flash across your screen to warn you that "all of your information will be permanently removed from Grindr's system." To confirm your profile and account deletion, tap Delete Account within this dialog box.

How to Delete Your Grindr Account and Profile on iOS

The instructions for deleting your Grindr account are only slightly different on iOS than they are on an Android device. However, they're simpler and don't require as many steps.

  1. Open the Grindr app on your iOS device. On the main screen, tap your profile icon. It should be in the shape of a circle with a silhouette of a person inside the circle.

  2. Select the gear icon in the top right corner of the screens.

  3. Tap Delete Profile, which should be located at the bottom of this menu.

  4. At this point, according to Grindr, this should complete the deletion of your iOS profile and account.

Is it Possible to Confirm a Grindr Account and Profile Was Deleted?

Not really. There's really not a verified way to confirm your account and profile were deleted, but, according to Grindr, if you deleted your profile, they really have no way to recover it or that information. So, if you decide to come back to Grindr, you'll need an entirely new profile.

If you were a Grindr Xtra subscriber, you'll still need to cancel any subscriptions related to the Grindr account you're planning to delete. Those subscriptions don't go away simply because you deleted your profile and account.