How to Delete 'Frequently Visited' on Your iPhone

Clear frequently visited sites from the iPhone 7, 8, and X

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Each time you browse the web with Safari or Chrome on your iPhone, a record of each website you access is stored for future use. One place this history is utilized is within the browser’s Frequently Visited section, displayed every time you open a new tab. But if you're concerned about privacy, or just want to clear out your history, you can delete entries in Safari’s Frequently Visited section or Chrome's Most Visited interface.

Sites you visit while browsing in Private or Incognito modes are not saved to the Frequently Visited or Most Visited sections.

How to Delete Frequently Visited Sites

Presented as thumbnail images accompanied by each respective web page’s title, having easy access to these oft-visited destinations can come in handy. On the contrary, it can also be a potential privacy concern when using a shared device, as well as an annoyance if the list contains sites you no longer have a need for.

Sites that appear in the Frequently Visited and Most Visited sections of your Safari or Chrome browser can be deleted one at a time.

  1. Open your Safari or Chrome browser.

  2. If necessary, open a new tab first. To do so, tap the Tabs icon (located in the lower right-hand corner and represented by two cascading boxes in Safari or three vertically-aligned dots in Chrome), then tap the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen in Safari or the New Tab icon from the pop-up menu in Chrome.

  3. The New Tab screen should now be visible, with the Favorites section at the top and Frequently Visited located directly underneath it in Safari. In Chrome, your most visited sites are displayed below the search bar.

  4. Tap and hold the icon for the site or page you wish to remove from the Frequently Visited section. On newer models like the iPhone X, a pop-out menu will appear. Tap Delete on Safari or Remove on Chrome.

    Frequently visited sites, Delete button on iOS
  5. On older models like the iPhone 7, you may need to tap Delete directly above the icon in question.

How to Disable Frequently Visited Sites in Safari

You can stop new sites from appearing in the Frequently Visited section of your Safari browser by disabling the feature altogether.

  1. Go to Settings > Safari.

  2. Tap the Frequently Visited Sites toggle so it turns from green (enabled) to white (disabled). 

    Safari button, Frequently Visited Sites toggle in iOS Settings
  3. Simply repeat these steps to re-enable this functionality at any time.