How to Delete Your Firefox Account

End it all or start over with just a few steps

Laptop with Firefox account settings open in browser.


Whether it's to clear all of your old saved bookmarks and settings in one clean sweep, or to stop a glitching Firefox Sync from restoring deleted bookmarks, you can quickly delete your Firefox account in just a few minutes.

These instructions work for all Firefox browser versions, including 65.0.1, 64.0.2 and 63.0.3.

Repercussions to Deleting Your Firefox Account

When you delete your Firefox account, you're essentially wiping out all of your Firefox browser settings and saved bookmarks across the Mozilla Firefox platform. All of your Firefox Sync information will be gone and you'll need to create a new account if you want to use Firefox again.

If you use other Mozilla products like SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Pocket, AMO, and Screenshots, deleting your Firefox account won't wipe out the personal information saved to the other Mozilla services. You'll need to log into each of your other Mozilla accounts or apps and manually remove any information you have saved in each one.

How to Delete Your Firefox Account

Once you've decided deleting your account is the way to go, there are only a few steps to get it done.

  1. Go to the Account Sign-In Page and sign into your account using the sign-in name and password for the account you would like to delete.

  2. Select Delete next to Delete account.

    Firefox account options screen.
  3. Type your password into the box provided and select the red Delete account.

    The Firefox account options page displaying the password box and delete account button.
  4. You're done. You will be redirected to the Create a Firefox Account sign-up page when your account deletion is complete. From here, you can sign up again to create a fresh account or close your browser tab.