How to Delete a Dropbox Account

What to do when you want to cancel Dropbox

What to Know

  • Downgrade to a free Dropbox account: Select profile icon > Settings > Plan > Cancel Plan.
  • Delete Dropbox account: Select profile icon > Settings > Delete Account > provide a reason > Permanently Delete.
  • You can't delete your account from an app or desktop client.

Whether you've decided to move all of your files to a different cloud storage platform, or you have no use for Dropbox anymore, it's quick to delete your Dropbox account and uninstall the app from your computer. Here's how to do so using the Dropbox website.

How to Downgrade Your Premium Dropbox Account to a Free Account

If you have a Plus or Professional Dropbox account subscription, you can simply downgrade your subscription to a Basic free account instead of deleting it.

  1. Navigate to Dropbox's cancellation page and select Cancel your Plus or Professional subscription.

    A screenshot of

    Alternatively, you can select your profile icon > Settings > Plan.

  2. You'll be redirected to your Plan tab of your account. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Cancel plan.

  3. Provide your reason for wanting to downgrade and you'll receive an email confirming your subscription cancellation. Your Dropbox Pro or Professional account is then automatically downgraded to a Basic account at the start of your next billing cycle.

    If your files exceed the new storage quota once you're downgraded, Dropbox will stop syncing your files.

How to Delete Your Dropbox Account

If you're sure you want to delete your Dropbox account and all of its data, then follow the steps below.

While Dropbox only begins deleting your data 30 days after you delete your account, your Dropbox account can't be restored once you delete it.

  1. Consider downloading all or at least some of your files stored in your Dropbox account. To do this, select My Files in the vertical menu on the left and do one of the following:

    • Download All of Your Files All At Once: Hover your cursor to the left of the Name label at the top and select inside the checkbox that appears beside it. All of your files will be selected, marked by the blue checkmark beside each.
    • Download Only a Few Selected Files All At Once: Hover your cursor to the left of any file name select inside the checkbox that appears beside it. Repeat for as many files you want to download.
    The Select All box
  2. When you're done, select Download in the top right.

    It might take a while for your files to download depending on how many you're downloading and how large each file size is.

    The Download button
  3. Click your profile icon in the upper-right corner.

    The Profile icon on Dropbox
  4. Select Settings from the drop-down list

    The Settings option
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Delete account.

    The "Delete Account" option

    Deletion is permanent. Once you delete your account, there's no way to get it or any of its contents back.

  6. Enter your password and provide a reason with an optional description in the given fields.

    A screenshot of
  7. Select Permanently delete.

    Once you delete your Dropbox account, you'll have no use for the Dropbox apps installed on your devices. You can go ahead and uninstall the desktop client from your Mac or Windows computer, as well as delete the apps from your Android or iOS device.

What Happens When You Delete Your Dropbox Account

When you delete your Dropbox account, you'll lose access and functionality to virtually everything you've ever used in Dropbox. Deleting your Dropbox account means:

  • You'll lose all of your data stored in your Dropbox account, as your files will be deleted from the Dropbox servers.
  • Your devices are automatically disconnected from Dropbox and will stop syncing.
  • You won't be able to access your account at, but files will still be accessible to you locally in the Dropbox folder on your computer.
  • You won't be able to edit files in shared folders.
  • People you shared files with will still be able to access them.
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