How to Delete Bookmarks in Any Browser

Delete favorites from Firefox, Edge, Opera, and others

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When your favorite web browser contains bookmarks and favorites that you no longer use or are no longer valid, delete them. Here's how to delete bookmarks and remove favorites in Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Do you use Chrome? You can also delete bookmarks in Google's browser.

This article applies to Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera web browsers for Windows PCs.

How to Delete Bookmarks in Firefox

When you want to delete bookmarks in Firefox, you have two options. You can delete the bookmark for a page that's open in the browser. Or you can opt to delete selected items from the bookmarks library.

Delete an Individual Bookmark

Follow these steps to delete the bookmark for an open web page.

  1. Go to the address bar and select Edit this bookmark (the star icon). Or, press Ctrl+D.

    Firefox browser window with the Favorites icon highlighted
  2. Select Remove Bookmark.

    Firefox's Edit This Bookmark menu with the Remove Bookmark button highlighted
  3. The star icon changes from solid blue to a black outline, and the bookmark no longer appears in your bookmark list.

Delete Multiple Bookmarks at Once

If you have many bookmarks you want to get rid of, you can delete them all simultaneously.

  1. From the address bar, select the Library icon and choose Bookmarks from the drop-down menu.

    Firefox browser window with the Library button and Bookmarks option highlighted
  2. Choose Show all Bookmarks.

    Firefox browser window with the Show All Bookmarks option highlighted
  3. Select the folder containing the bookmarks you want to delete.

  4. Pick the sites you want to remove. Hold Ctrl to select multiple bookmarks.

    The Firefox bookmark library
  5. Choose Organize > Delete to remove the selected bookmarks from the library.

    Firefox's Bookmarks library with Delete under the Organize menu highlighted

How to Delete Favorites in Microsoft Edge

To remove browser favorites in Microsoft Edge, select individual sites or delete all the favorites in a folder.

Delete an Individual Favorite

To delete favorites individually:

  1. Select the Favorites icon (the star with the three horizontal lines) in the address bar.

    Edge browser window with the Favorites button highlighted
  2. Right-click the favorite you want to remove. On a touchscreen, long-press the favorite.

    List of favorites in a Microsoft Edge browser window
  3. Select Delete to remove the site from the Favorites list.

    The Delete command highlighted in the Microsoft Edge browser Favorites area

Delete All Favorites in a Folder

To delete all the favorites stored in a folder, delete the folder.

  1. Select the Favorites icon in the address bar.

    Favorites icon highlighted in Microsoft Edge browser window
  2. Choose More options (three horizontal dots) > Manage favorites.

    More options and Manage favorites option highlighted from Microsoft Edge Favorites menu
  3. Right-click the folder you want to remove and select Delete to remove the folder and its contents.

    Delete option highlighted from a Favorites folder in Microsoft Edge

How to Remove Bookmarks in Opera

The Opera browser also offers multiple ways to delete bookmarks individually or in batches.

Delete an Individual Bookmark

You can delete a bookmark from a page displayed in an active browser window.

Go to the address bar and select Edit Bookmark (the red heart icon). Then, select Move to Trash.

A screenshot of Opera with the Favorites menu and Move to Trash button highlighted

To delete a bookmark that appears on the Bookmarks bar, right-click the bookmark and select Move to Trash.

Use the Bookmarks Manager

You can also use the Bookmarks manager to delete a site that's not actively displayed, multiple bookmarks, or bookmark folders.

  1. Go to the sidebar and select Bookmarks (the heart icon) or press Ctrl+D.

    Bookmarks icon highlighted in the Opera browser sidebar
  2. From the Bookmarks panel, go to the folder containing the bookmark you want to delete.

    Folder highlighted in the Bookmarks panel of the Opera browser
  3. Hover over the bookmark. From the three horizontal dots, choose Move to Trash.

    Move to Trash option highlighted from the Bookmarks panel in the Opera browser
  4. To remove a folder, select the folder name and choose Move to Trash.

    Folder highlighted with the Move to Trash option from the Bookmarks manager in the Opera web browser
  5. To delete multiple bookmarks and preserve the folder, select Open full Bookmarks view from the bottom of the Bookmarks pane.

    Open full Bookmarks view highlighted from the Bookmarks pane in an Opera browser window
  6. Hover over each bookmark and choose the check mark icon to select it.

    Checkmark highlighted next to bookmark in the Opera browser Bookmarks manager
  7. Right-click selected bookmarks and choose Move selected to Trash to remove them.

    Move selected to Trash highlighted when deleting multiple bookmarks in Opera web browser

    To recover a bookmark, go to Trash, hover over the bookmark you want to restore, and then select Undo delete.

    Undo delete highlighted from Opera web browser Trash area
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