How to Delete Apps on a Samsung Smart TV

Uninstall those apps your TV doesn't use

Deleting apps from your Samsung smart TV is just about as easy as adding them.

The appearance of the on-screen menu (Samsung Smart Hub) and precise steps needed to delete apps on a Samsung Smart TV vary slightly depending on the model series or model year, as well as by any applicable firmware updates. However, the steps are fairly consistent. This article illustrates a few examples.

Apps that are pre-installed by Samsung (such as Netflix) at the factory can't be deleted. This means that only apps that you have added yourself since setting up your Samsung Smart TV can be deleted completely.

Apps that are deleted can also be re-installed at a later time from the Samsung App Store.

Deleting Apps From Samsung TV – Example One

2017 (M/MU/Q/LS) 2018 (N/NU/Q/LS), 2019 (R/RU/Q/LS), and 2020 (T/TS) series TVs.

  1. Press the Home button on your Remote Control to access the Samsung TV's Smart Hub.

    Samsung Remote Control – Select Home Button
  2. Use the Directional Ring and Pad to select Apps.

    The Apps Icon appears as a square with four small boxes and may, or may not also have the word "Apps" on top or bottom of the icon.

    Samsung Remote with Smart Hub Bar
  3. In the Apps screen select App Settings (Gear Icon usually located on the top right corner of the screen).

    Samsung TV Apps Settings Icon on Top Right Corner
  4. Find the app you want to delete from the Downloaded Apps row and Select it.

    Samsung Downloaded Apps Row - 2018 Models
  5. Press the select button on the remote control (the pad in the center of the remote control) until you see the pop-down menu. Select Delete.

    Samsung Deleted Downloaded App - 2018 Models
  6. You may be prompted to select Delete a second time to confirm the process.

Deleting Apps From Samsung TV – Example Two

2016 (K/KU/KS) Series

  1. Press the Home button on your remote control and select Apps.

    Samsung Smart Hub Home Screen – Select Apps
  2. In the Apps screen, select My Apps.

    Samsung Smart TV My Apps Screen
  3. Select Options on the bottom right of the apps screen.

    Samsung My Apps – Select Options
  4. Open the Options menu and select Delete.

    Samsung My Apps – Select Delete in Options
  5. In the next screen select the app(s) that you want to delete.

    Factory pre-installed apps will be grayed out as they can't be deleted.

    Samsung Delete Screen – Select App to be Deleted
  6. Select the Delete prompt at the bottom of the screen.

    Samsung Delete Screen – Delete Selected App
  7. Another prompt will appear that allows you to proceed with the Delete or to Cancel it. If you want to proceed select Delete.

    Samsung Delete Screen – Confirm App to be Deleted
  8. A status bar will appear showing the deletion progress. When it reaches 100%, select OK. The app is then deleted – It should no longer appear on your app viewing selection.

    Samsung – App Deleted - OK button
  9. The steps to delete apps from 2015 (J/JU/JS series) Samsung Smart TVs are very similar to those for 2016 models, but Options and the Delete selection are located on the top right of the screen rather than the bottom right. For details on deleting apps from 2012/13/14 (E/EG/ES, H, HU, F series) models, refer to the Samsung Smart TV app delete reference page.

Delete Apps From Home Page but Not From Viewing Selection

In addition to being able to delete apps completely from your Samsung Smart TV, you can also delete less-viewed apps from the smart hub homepage. This will reduce home page clutter by removing selected apps from your home screen but still have them accessible on your My Apps page.

 Just as with "permanent" deletion, there may be variations in the steps depending on model and year, but the following is an example that you might find on recent-year models. If this does not seem to match your TV, consult your user guide. 

  1. Find the App you want to remove from the home screen, press the down directional button (or arrow) on your remote and select Remove

    You can also move the position of the app on the app bar by selecting Move.

  2. Select Remove again in the pop-up confirmation box. The app should no longer appear on the home screen. 

Reminder – Since this doesn't delete the app from your downloaded apps you can still select it to view from your My Apps page.

Samsung App – Confirm Remove App From App Launcher

Reasons Why You Might Want to Delete an App

  • You don't like the app.
  • You don't use the app.
  • You feel that a specific app(s) may not be age-appropriate for some members of your family.
  • You want to reduce clutter in your apps selection.
  • You want to free up storage space (Samsung TVs have a limited amount of storage space for apps).