How to Delete a YouTube Account

Follow these steps to permanently leave your YouTube account behind


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Looking to delete your YouTube account? You can do it in a few easy steps.

Whether you've got several videos on your channel you want to delete all at once or comments you left on other users' videos that you don't want to be associated with anymore, deleting your YouTube account's content (and thus making it appear as if you have no YouTube account — while still retaining your Google account) is actually quite fast and simple to do when you know the exact steps to take.

There isn't an account deletion option in plain sight on the YouTube settings page. You essentially need to access your Google Settings (since YouTube is a Google product), update your account preferences, download or dump your data and then confirm your choices.

How to Delete Your YouTube Account

The following instructions below will show you how to permanently delete your YouTube account (including all your videos and other data) from on the web or from the official YouTube mobile app. They also show you how to optionally delete associated Google and brand accounts.

  1. On the web, sign in to your YouTube account at and click your user account icon in the top right corner of the screen followed by Settings from the drop-down menu.

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    On the app, tap your user account icon at the top right of the screen.

  2. On the web, select View or change your Google account settings beside the Google account label.

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    On the app, tap Manage your Google Account.

  3. On the web, select Manage your data & personalization.

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    On the app, tap Account preferences.

  4. On the web, scroll down to Download, delete or make a plan for your data and select Delete a service or your account.

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  5. On the web, select Delete a service.

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    On the app, tap Delete Google services.

    You'll be asked to sign in to your account to verify that it's you.

  6. On both the web and the app, you can optionally select Download Data if you'd like to save your YouTube data before you permanently delete your account. You'll be able to check or uncheck the list of Google services you currently have for downloading data. You'll also be able to select the file type and delivery method.

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  7. On both the web and the app, select the trash can icon that appears beside the YouTube service. Again, you may be asked to sign in to your account for verification.

  8. On both the web and the app, select I want to permanently delete my content if you're sure you want to delete your YouTube account and all of its content. If not, you have another option to click or tap I want to hide my channel so that your YouTube activity and content is set to private.

If you want to go ahead with deletion, check the boxes to confirm to Google that you understand what is being deleted and then click/tap Delete My Content.

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Remember that once you click/tap this, it cannot be undone.

Optionally Delete the Associated Google Account

Your YouTube account is not separate from your Google account. They are, in essence, basically the same—because you use YouTube from your Google account.

What you accomplished above was deletions of all your YouTube channel content and data (such as comments left on other videos). But as long as you keep your Google account, you still technically have a YouTube account too—just with no YouTube content or trail of previous YouTube activity.

Deleting all YouTube content is often enough, but if you want to take it a step further and delete your entire Google account, including all data from other Google products you use, then you can do this as well. This is not recommended if you still want to keep your Google account to use Gmail, Drive, Docs, and other Google products.

How to Delete the Associated Google Account

  1. Follow steps 1 through 4 above.

  2. Select Delete your account. Sign into your account for verification.

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  3. Read and browse through your content so you understand what will be deleted, check off the required checkboxes to confirm and click the blue Delete Account button.

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This will not only delete your Google account but all data you use on other Google products too. This cannot be undone.