How to Delete a Folder in the iOS Mail App

Clean up your iPhone mail by removing unused folders

E-mail application on iPhone 6S Screen
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It's easy to create folders in the iOS Mail app, and if they're used, they're incredibly helpful at keeping related emails grouped together. However, if you no longer use a folder, it's completely safe and easy to delete it.

Deleting folders in the email app on your iPhone or iPad instantly removes all of the messages in the folder as well as the folder itself. It's one of the easiest ways to regain storage on your phone and to declutter your emails.

These directions are relevant for recent iOS versions as well as older ones like iOS 8 and iOS 7.

How to Delete Folders in the Mail App

When you're sure that the folder you want to delete doesn't contain any emails you need, removing it is as simple as using the Delete Mailbox button.

  1. Open the email folder to make sure you're okay deleting its emails, or to locate the emails you want to move into a different folder.

    To do that, tap Mailboxes at the top of the Mail app and then select the folder you'll end up deleting.

    Mailboxes, Custom, mailbox screen on iOS

    Now is the time to relocate any emails from the to-be-deleted folder that you don't want removed. After completing the step below that deletes the folder from your email, the items inside of it will be deleted as well.

  2. Return to the Mailboxes screen to see all the different email folders.

  3. Tap Edit at the top, and then select the folder you to delete from Mail.

  4. Choose Delete Mailbox.

    Edit button, Custom mailbox, Delete Mailbox
  5. Tap Delete to confirm that you want to remove the folder and any messages contained within it.

    The folder will immediately be removed from your email account.

  6. Select Done at the top of the screen to return to the rest of your email folders. From here, you can start over at Step 3 to delete other email folders.