How to Delete a Facebook Group

Learn to close and delete group FB pages

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Are you an admin of a Facebook group that's inactive or simply no longer needed? If so, you may want to know how to delete a Facebook group by removing everyone in it. Alternatively, you can close or deactivate the group by archiving it. Keep reading to learn how to do both.

What's the Difference Between Archiving and Deleting a Facebook Group?

Archiving and deleting a Facebook group are not the same. Each has slightly different consequences.

Archiving a Group

Archiving a Facebook group closes it off to any further discussions. The group will appear to be deactivated or frozen once it's archived, but the admin can unarchive it any time.

Once a group has been archived, members can still visit the group, but they can't post, comment, or upload photos or videos to it. Members can only view what was posted in the group before it was archived.

Only existing members of an archived group will be able to access it, so no new members can join. The archived group also won't show up in Facebook search results.

Group admins won't be able to edit the archived group's details, such as the description or photo, but they'll still be able to delete posts and remove or block users from the group.

If an admin decides to unarchive an archived group, the group will be restored back to normal and all members will be able to resume posting.

Deleting a Group

Deleting a Facebook group is permanent. You can't bring it back once it's done.

It's also important to note that as long as the original creator of the group is still a member, only they have the power to permanently delete the group. However, if the creator has left the group, then any other admin can delete it.

Which Should You Choose?

Archiving a group is ideal when you know there's valuable information shared in the group, which might still be of benefit to existing members. After archiving the group, you can always unarchive it and encourage discussions again.

Deleting a group is the best option when you and the members have no further use for the group and what was shared in it.

Group members are notified when a group has been archived, but they're not notified when a group has been deleted.

How to Close/Archive a Facebook Group

You can only archive a Facebook group from in a web browser. This function isn't available via the Facebook mobile apps for iOS or Android.

  1. On, select Groups under the Explore section in the left column, then selecting the name of your group under the Groups You Manage section.

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    You must be an admin of the group to archive it.

  2. Select More directly beneath the group header photo.

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  3. Select Archive Group from the drop-down list.

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  4. Select Confirm to archive it.

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Group members will receive a notification once the group has been archived. If you ever decide you want to reopen the group, simply navigate to the group the same way you did in step one above, select More, select Unarchive Group from the drop-down list, then select Confirm.

How to Delete a Facebook Group

There's no "delete" option to select anywhere within a Facebook group, but there is another way to permanently delete groups. To delete a Facebook group, you simply have to remove all members from the group and leave the group yourself.

You must be the creator of the group to follow these instructions and successfully delete the group. The only exception to this rule is if the creator has left the group. If the creator has left the group and you're an admin, you can delete it. You can do this via or the Facebook mobile apps for iOS or Android.

  1. Navigate to the group you want to delete. On, select Groups, then select the name of your group under the Groups You Manage section on the left.

    On the Facebook app, tap the menu icon in the main menu at the bottom for iOS or the top for Android, tap Groups, then tap the group under Your Groups.

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  2. On, select Members from the vertical menu on the left. On the app, tap the collection of member profile pictures at the top.

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  3. On, select the three dots next to each member's name and select Remove from Group.

    On the app, tap each member's name, then tap Remove Member.

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  4. Repeat step three above for every individual group member until you're the only one left.

    Unfortunately, there's no way to delete group members in bulk. Removing members individually will be a very time consuming process if you have hundreds or even thousands of members. In this case, you might just want to archive the group instead as it's a quicker solution.

  5. On, your profile picture and name should be the only one left, listed at the top under Admins and Moderators. Select the three dots > Leave Group.

    On the app, tap Admins at the top of the Membership tab where your only remaining member listing should be. Tap your name > Leave Group.

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    After completing this step, the group will be permanently deleted, so be sure you want it gone for good before you leave the group after removing everyone else.

  6. With no members, admins or creator left in the group, the group is automatically deleted.