How to Delete a Contact From Gmail

Clean up your Gmail contact list by deleting out-of-date contacts

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No idea who "Sehhil Diuincf" is? Is your Gmail address book full of clients that you haven't heard from in years? Whatever your reason for purging, Gmail makes removing an address book entry easy—as long as you find know how to find the address book and the address.

Delete a Contact From Gmail

You can delete any contact from your Gmail address book and Google Contacts in a few simple steps. To remove a contact or email address from your Gmail address book:

  1. Google Contacts home page
  2. Check all the contacts you want to delete. To check an entry, hover the mouse button over the contact's icon to the left of their name or email address and click the checkbox that appears.

    Checked checkbox for 8 contacts to be deleted in Google Contacts
  3. You can also use the search field at the top to find specific address book entries and place a checkmark next to them, but be aware that a new search deselects any previously checked contacts.

  4. Click the three dot icon that appears in the upper right corner and select Delete from the toolbar that appears.

    Delete button in Google Contacts
  5. When prompted, confirm the action by selecting Delete from the menu that appears.

    Delete confirmation button in Google Contacts

In earlier versions of Gmail, click More in the toolbar and select Delete contacts from the menu that appears.