How Do I Delete a Blogger/Blogspot Blog?

Your deleted blog can be restored during the 90 days following deletion


Blogger was launched in 1999 and bought by Google in 2003. That's a lot of years during which you may have been publishing blogs. Because Blogger lets you create as many blogs as you'd like, you may have a blog that was abandoned long ago and is sitting there collecting spam comments. Here's how to delete a blog on Blogger.

Delete or Download a Blogger Blog

  1. Log in to Blogger using your Google account.
  1. From the area you see right after logging in that lists all your blogs, find the blog you want to delete and click on it.
  2. Click on the Settings link, which will take you straight to the settings for your blog. 
  3. Just under the "Import & Back Up" section, you'll see a Delete blog link. Click on it. 
  4. You are asked if you want to export your blog before you delete it. If you do, click on Download  Blog to download a copy of your blog.
  5. Click Delete This Blog.
  6. Click Permanently Delete on the next screen if you want to remove your blog effective immediately. If you want to restore a previously deleted blog within 90 days of deleting it, click Undelete.

After you delete a blog, you have 90 days during which your blog can be restored. After 90 days it is gone forever. You don't have to wait 90 days for the blog to be removed from the internet, though. That is immediate, and you can begin a new blog at once if you so choose.

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