How to Define Your Own Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

You can define your own set of keyboard shortcuts for Gmail in your browser.

Make Gmail More Like Emacs, or

Jolly how Gmail feels homy to people who grew up with vi, more and less. You, of course, you couldn't care less about more (which, incidentally, did not use the vi keyboard shortcuts when you grew up with it).

What you care about is commanding Gmail fast. Fortunately, you do not have to adapt to any particular set of mappings to do so from the keyboard.

You can assign keyboard shortcuts freely, instead, more or less.

Define Your Own Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

To change the default Gmail keyboard shortcuts to more handy keys:

  1. Make sure Gmail keyboard shortcuts are enabled.
  2. Follow the Settings link in Gmail.
  3. Go to the Labs category.
  4. Make sure Enable is selected under Custom keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. Follow the Settings link again.
  7. This time, go to the Keyboard Shortcuts section.
  8. Edit all desired keyboard shortcuts.
    • Use '\' together with the corresponding decimal ASCII code to use non-printable characters. "\27" stands for ESC, for example, and "\127" for DEL (you cannot, alas, use the latter for the text input field only accepts three characters).
  9. Click Save Changes.