How to Curve Text in Word

Bend and shape words to your will

Curving text in Microsoft Word allows you to transform your words so they appear in an arch-like formation or bend around a shape or image within your document. This is achieved by utilizing the WordArt feature, which allows you to apply a number of special effects to your text.

Curving Words in Word

There are multiple effects available involving curved or bent text, each of which can be applied by following the directions below. With so many options on the table, you may want to play around with inserting different types until you find one that suits your particular needs.

This functionality is not available in Word Online or desktop versions older than Word 2013.

curve text in Microsoft Word
Adding curved text in Word 2016 for Windows.
  1. Open the existing Word document in which you'd like to incorporate curved text, or create a new document.
  2. Select the Insert tab, located towards the upper left-hand corner of the main Word interface.
  3. Select Insert WordArt, found within the Text section in Word 2016 for Windows and represented by a slanted blue letter A. In Word for macOS, as well as in earlier Windows versions, this button also contains the same slanted letter along with a WordArt label.
  4. When the pop-out menu appears, choose one of the WordArt text styles and colors.
  5. Placeholder verbiage should now be inserted into your document, typically something along the lines of Your text here. You can replace this phrase with whatever words you desire.
  6. With the block of text selected, select Text Effects, found within the WordArt Styles section and represented by a blue and white letter A. In Word 2016, Text Effects is displayed when hovering your mouse cursor over it, while in earlier versions it's clearly labeled without the need to hover over it.
  7. A drop-down menu will now appear. Hover your cursor over Transform.
  8. A sub-menu will now be displayed, offering a number of effects, including curved and bent text. As you hover your cursor over each effect, the on-page text will instantly change. Once satisfied with a particular effect, click its respective button to apply it to your document.

How to Undo Curved Text

To remove a curved or bent text effect without deleting the verbiage altogether, follow the steps below.

undo curved text in Microsoft Word
Removing curved or bent Text Effects in Word 2016 for Windows.
  1. Select the curved or bent text that you wish to modify. This should return you to the Format tab if it is not already selected.
  2. Click Text Effects, as noted in step 6 of the above instructions.
  3. A drop-down menu will now appear. Hover your cursor over the option labeled Transform.
  4. A sub-menu will now be displayed, offering a number of effects including curved and bent text.
  5. Select the lone option found in the No Transform section, circled in the accompanying screenshot. Your curved or bent text transformation effect will now be removed.