How to Crossfade Songs in iTunes

Remove Silent Gaps Between Songs

While listening to your music library in iTunes, do you get annoyed by gaps of silence between songs? If you're wondering how to configure iTunes to smoothly fade songs in and out, then this short tutorial will show you how. Crossfading involves slowly decreasing the volume of one song and increasing the volume of the next song at the same time. This overlap creates a smooth transition between the two songs and enhances you listening experience - this technique is used extensively by DJ's.

If you like listening to continuous non-stop music, then mix like a DJ and use crossfading.

Time Required: iTunes crossfading configuration time - 2 minutes max.

  1. Setting up Crossfading

    On the iTunes main screen, click the Edit menu tab and choose Preferences. Click on the Playback tab to see the option for crossfading. Now, put a check in the box next to the Crossfade Songs option. You can use the slider bar to adjust the number of seconds that crossfading should occur between songs; the default is 6 seconds. When done, click the OK button to exit the preferences menu.

  2. Testing Crossfading Between Songs

    To check that the duration of crossfading between songs is acceptable, you need to hear the end of one song and the beginning of the next one. To do this, you can simply play one of your existing playlists. Alternatively, click on the Music icon in the left pane (underneath Library) and double-click on a song in the song list. To hurry things along a little, you can skip most of the song by clicking near to the end of the progress bar. If you hear the song slowly fading out and the next one fading in then you've successfully configured iTunes.

    What You Need:

    • iTunes Software
    • iTunes music library