How to Create a Pandora Playlist

Pandora Premium users get personalized soundtracks too

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As Pandora gets to know you better, its choice of tracks becomes even more refined and geared toward what you like to hear. But sometimes you want a little more control over what songs are played. This is where making a Pandora playlist comes in handy, allowing you to integrate songs or full albums into a personalized list where specific music is played in the order you define.

You must have a Pandora Premium subscription to access Pandora’s playlist functionality.

Build a Custom Pandora Playlist From a Smartphone or Tablet

You can create a customized playlist from within the Pandora app itself. 

The tutorial below is intended for both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Launch the Pandora app.

  2. By default, the My Collection screen should be displayed. If you’re already in the app and on another screen, exit to the main section and tap the My Collection tab. 

  3. Tap FILTER.

  4. When the pop-out menu appears, tap Playlists.

  5. Tap New playlist, located toward the top of the screen.

    FIlter, Playlists, New Playlist buttons in Pandora app
  6. Enter the desired name for your new playlist, then tap Next.

  7. Type the name of a song, album, or artist in the provided search bar. 

    Next button, Find a song to add field
  8. A list of results should now be displayed. Tap the Plus (+) symbol next to the song or full album you wish to add to your playlist. 

    You can also add songs on-the-fly to an existing playlist from the Now Playing screen. First, tap the ellipses, then tap Add to Playlist when the pop-out menu appears.

  9. Repeat steps 7-8 as many times as you like until you’re satisfied with the contents of your new playlist. 

    To reorder the items in your playlist, tap and hold a selection, then drag it to its new location. 

  10. To remove a playlist from your Pandora account at any time, simply tap Delete Playlist.

    Plus button, Delete Playlist button in Pandora app

At the bottom of your playlist’s contents is a note indicating the playlist's total duration.

Build a Custom Pandora Music Playlist From Your Web Browser

Follow the steps below if you do not have access to the Android or iOS app, or if you’d prefer to create a playlist on your computer instead.

  1. Navigate to and select Log In.

    Login button in Pandora on the Web
  2. Type the email address and password associated with your Pandora account, then select Log In.

    Login button in Pandora on the web
  3. Select the Playlists tab.

    Playlists tab in Pandora on the web
  4. Select Create playlist, located in the upper right-hand corner of the Pandora website.

    Create Playlist button in Pandora on the web
  5. Enter the desired name of your new playlist in the edit field provided.

    Summertime playlist title in Pandora on the web
  6. Select Find a song to add and type the name of a song, album, or artist.

    "im on fire" in search for playlist in Pandora on the web
  7. A list of recommendations should now be displayed. Select the result you wish to add to your playlist. 

    Select Add similar songs to automatically add several tracks from the same artist or genre as others already in your playlist.

  8. Repeat steps 6-7 as many times as you like until you’re satisfied with the contents of your new playlist. 

To reorder the songs in your playlist, simply click and drag an item to its new location. 

Using Personalized Pandora Playlists

With a Pandora Premium subscription you also get personalized playlists that are curated based on your listening history and behavior. These playlists are automatically generated and will appear in your account from time to time, providing a suitable alternative to the personally customized options should you choose to listen to them.

These lists are sometimes created after you thumbs up a certain number of songs, or when you’ve been a Premium customer for a while and Pandora’s algorithms have a better handle on what music you like and dislike.