How to Create Custom Slack Emojis

Customize your Slack channel with fun custom emojis

Slack is one of the most popular collaboration tools for teams. It allows seamless and instant communication and project management with a wide range of customization features. One of those features is the ability to create custom Slack emojis.

Why Create Custom Slack Emojis?

The emoji already inside Slack are often used for fun and also function. For example, you might use the black checkmark or thumbs up to react to a Slack message. Or, you might use an emoji as a status marker for projects.

Creating custom emoji takes this fun and function to another level. For example, you can upload your team member's photos as emoji to mark tasks for specific individuals. Or, you can simply create branded emoji for fun. In either case, it's hard to resist adding emoji to Slack.

How to Create Custom Slack Emojis

First things first, you must have a Slack account and a Slack workspace. You must also have specific permissions set by the Organization Owner or Admin for your Slack workspace.

You currently can't add custom emoji from the Slack mobile app. You must have the desktop version.

Once you log in or open your Slack workspace, you're good to go.

  1. Inside Slack, select the smiley face icon next to the message field to open the emoji picker.

    Using the emoji picker inside Slack
  2. Next, select Add Emoji from the menu options.

    Using Add Emoji inside Slack
  3. Select Upload Image, then select the image you wish to use for your custom emoji.

    Uploading an image to Slack to use as a custom emoji

    Pay attention to file size requirements to choose the best image for your emoji. A blurry emoji isn't functional—or fun.

  4. Once uploaded, give your emoji a name. Slack uses ":" (colon) before and after to signal the use of an emoji.

    Naming a custom emoji inside Slack

    Make sure you name your emoji something you can remember. This makes it easy to select your emoji by typing :emoji name:

  5. Finally, select Save to save your custom emoji.

How to Find Custom Emojis in Slack

Now, where do you find your custom emojis? It's easy.

  1. In your workspace, select the smiley face icon again to open the emoji picker.

  2. To the right of the emoji picker, select the Slack logo.

    Finding custom emoji in Slack
  3. Select the emoji you wish to use to enter it into your message.

    Again, you can also type ":" before and after the name you gave your emoji, without spaces, to insert it into your message quickly. This bypasses the need to open the emoji picker.

How to Delete a Custom Emoji

Don't like the emoji you created? Need to delete an emoji? You can do so quickly through Slack.

  1. In your workspace, select the name of your workspace from the top left corner of your screen.

  2. Next, select Customize Slack. This will open a desktop window.

    Using the Customize Slack window
  3. Select the X next to the emoji you wish to delete, then select Delete Emoji. Voila!