iPad Office: How to Create a Chart in PowerPoint or Word

Screenshot of Excel

Microsoft Office finally arrived for the iPad, but it does seem to be missing some key features. And few features will be missed more than the ability to create a chart in PowerPoint or Word, a feature that is only included in Excel. Luckily, there's a workaround for this issue. While you can't directly create a chart in PowerPoint or Word, you can create a chart in Excel, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into your document.

Note: Instructions in this article apply to PowerPoint 365 for iPad.

Use Excel to Create a Chart in Powerpoint or Word

  1. Open a new spreadsheet in Excel or open an existing spreadsheet with data.

  2. If this is a new spreadsheet, enter the data at the top of the page. Once you've finished entering the data, it is a good idea to save it. Back out of the spreadsheet using the button with a circled left-pointing arrow at the top of the screen. You will be prompted to enter a name for the spreadsheet. Once finished, tap the newly-created spreadsheet to get started on the chart.

  3. Select the data you entered, tap the Insert tab at the top of the screen and choose chart your desired chart format under the Charts section.

  4. You don't need to worry about the size of the graph. You'll be able to adjust the size in PowerPoint or Word. But you do want to make sure everything else looks okay, so make any adjustments to the graph at this point.

    Hint: When the chart is highlighted, a Chart Tools tab appears at the top. You can modify the graph from this menu, including changing the layout of the graph, modifying the color scheme or even changing to a totally different type of graph.

  5. When you are done making any adjustments, tap the chart to highlight it. This will bring up a Cut/Copy/Delete menu above the chart. Tap Copy to copy the chart to the clipboard.

  6. Launch Word or PowerPoint and open the document that needs the chart.

  7. Tap the area of the document you want to insert the chart. This should bring up a menu that includes the Paste function, but if you are in Word, it may assume you want to start typing and bring up the keyboard. If so, simply tap the area again.

  8. When you choose Paste from the menu, your chart will be inserted. You can tap and drag it around the screen or use the black circles (anchors) to resize the chart. Unfortunately, you cannot edit the data. If you need to edit the data, you will need to do so in the Excel spreadsheet, recreate the chart and copy/paste it again.