Quickly Turn Your iOS Mail Emails Into Calendar Events on Your Phone

Turn Emails Into Calendar Events in iOS Mail

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The built-in Mail app on your iPhone automatically detects when an email is talking about an event, so long as it includes a date or time somewhere in the message. From there, you can easily add the event to your Calendar app in seconds.

For example, if you receive an email that reads "How about dinner tonight at 8 p.m.? Or would you prefer Wednesday around 7 p.m.?" In this instance, the Mail app would underline these times to make it really easy to add one or both of them to your calendar should you accept them.

There are a couple other ways Calendar and Mail work together, any of which you can use to quickly import email events straight into your iPhone calendar.

Create Calendar Events From Emails in iPhone Mail

One way you can do this is by using the date and/or time in the message to start creating the event:

  1. Tap the date or time underlined in the message.

  2. Choose Create Event from the pop-up menu. A "New Event" window will show where you can immediately start making the new calendar event based on the text within the email.

  3. Verify the start and end date, or modify them if you wish, and make any other necessary changes to the event.

  4. Tap Add to save the changes to your calendar.

Another way to "convert" an email to a calendar event on your phone is to use the Mail app's built-in event finder. This lets you start making an event from the email without even needing to skip through the message.

  1. Tap add... at the very top of the email that Mail has identified as having event information. It should say something like "Siri found 1 Event."

  2. When the "New Event" window pops up, the title of the event will be named the subject of the message. Edit what you need to and verify the time of the event.

  3. Tap Add to include it in the Calendar app.

You can also have the Calendar app aggregate events automatically that it finds in your emails:

  1. Make sure your phone is set up for this (see the Tip below), and then open iOS Calendar.

  2. Tap the Inbox link at the bottom.

  3. Locate and select the event you want to be added to the calendar.

  4. Choose Add to Calendar to confirm.

You can also remove events by ignoring them. Just tap Ignore to do that.

To enable this feature, open the Settings app and then navigate to Calendar. Open Siri & Search and make sure the Find Events in Other Apps option is toggled on.

Be aware that iOS Mail only picks up events from recognized sources, such as reservations or bookings from travel websites, airlines, OpenTable, etc.