How to Make Calendar Events From Emails in iPhone Mail

Turn emails into calendar events in seconds

The built-in Mail app on the iPhone automatically detects when an email is talking about an event, as long as it includes a date or time in the message. From there, you can add the event to your Calendar app. For example, if an email that reads "How about dinner tonight at 8 p.m.? Or would you prefer Wednesday around 7 p.m.?" In this instance, the Mail app underlines these times to make it easy to add one or both to your calendar. There are other ways Calendar and Mail work together to quickly import email events to your iPhone calendar.

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Instructions in this article apply to iOS 12 but should work the same on other versions of iOS, too, on any iPhone model.

How to Add Email Events to Your Calendar

To import email events to the Calendar app using the date or time found in the message:

  1. Tap the underlined date or time in the message, then choose Create Event. Or, go to the top of the email and tap Add. It should say something like "Siri found 1 Event."

  2. Fill out the calendar event. Choose a title if it wasn't already chosen, enter a location, and add notes. Also, verify that the date and time are accurate, and make any needed changes.

  3. Tap Add to save the email event details to your calendar.

    Date in email, Create Event button, and Add button on iOS

The Calendar app can aggregate events automatically that it finds in your emails. Go to the bottom of the Calendar app, tap Inbox, choose the event you want to add, then select Add to Calendar.

How to Make It Work

For this to work, a specific setting must be enabled. Go to Settings > Calendar > Siri & Search to confirm that Find Events in Other Apps is enabled. Older devices use the Events Found in Mail setting located in Mail > Contacts > Calendars.

Mail only picks up events from recognized sources, such as reservations or bookings from travel websites, airlines, and OpenTable.

Tap Ignore to remove events by ignoring them.