How to Create Calendar Events from Emails in iPhone Mail

iOS Mail can add events to your calendar tentatively on its own, and lets you add them swiftly from emails as well.

An Invitation in the Email—with a Link?

"How about dinner — tonight at 8pm or Wednesday at 7pm?" read the terse but friendly email.

Curiously, "dinner — tonight" and "Wednesday at 7pm" are underlined like links to pages on the web. Who or what would do such a thing; and why?

Chances are, iPhone Mail would; to make your life easier.

When it detects a time or date in an email, iPhone mail offers to extract these and use them for a new event in the calendar — with the date and time already set.

Create Calendar Events from Emails in iPhone Mail

To create a calendar event from a time and date mentioned in an email from iPhone Mail:

  1. Tap the date or time underlined in blue in the email message.
    • If you wonder whether the underlined text could also be a link to a web page, tap and hold instead to find out.
  2. Select Create Event from the menu that comes up.
  3. Verify the starting time and date, and add an event title as well as other details as needed.
  4. Tap Add (or Done).

Add Events Broken Out from Emails in iOS Mail

To add an event without even so much as skimming the email message in iOS Mail:

  1. Tap add… in the Event found bar at the message's top.
  2. Check the start and end time for the event and add a title as well as a location and other details.
  1. Tap Add (or Done).

Create Calendar Events from Emails Using the "Found in Mail" Calendar

To have iOS Mail add events found in emails tentatively to your calendar:

  1. Make sure Events Found in Mail is enabled. (See below.)
  2. Open iOS Calendar.
  3. Tap Inbox.
  4. Now tap the event.
  5. To confirm the event and add it to your calendar:
    1. Tap Add to Calendar.
  1. To ignore the event and remove it from Calendar:
    1. Tap Ignore.

Note that iOS Mail only picks up events from recognized sources, such as reservations or books found in emails from travel websites, airlines or Open Table, for example.

You can always add events manually from emails using the methods described above.

Enable "Events Found in Mail" for iOS Calendar

To add the Events Found in Mail calendar to iOS Calendar and have events from emails added to it automatically:

  1. Tap Settings on the iPhone or iPad Home screen.
  2. Open the Mail, Contacts, Calendars category.
  3. Make sure Events Found in Mail is enabled under CALENDARS.

(Updated April 2016, tested with iPhone Mail 4 and iOS Mail 9)