How to Create an App for the iPhone

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The Apple iPhone created waves when it first entered the market. It still continues to cause flutter each time a new model is released. There is already talk of the next iPhone and what it might look it.

The iPhone has gotten developers into a tizzy, creating all kinds of innovative apps for it. This versatile platform allows the developer complete creativity and flexibility in writing apps for it.

How exactly does one create apps for the iPhone? Go through this post for detailed how-to’s on the subject.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: A few days

Here's How:

  1. Plan out a strategy

    • You should create the iPhone app in such a way as to be unique and one that will help the end user in some way.
    • Decide on a niche for your app and try to zero-in on a niche that is least concentrated and also caters to a specific audience.
    • Even a funny app can sometimes do the trick for you, as it can give your users their much-needed dose of laughter!
    • If there is an existing app in the niche of your choice, find a way to present your app differently, telling the user how else your app can help them.
    • An interactive app scores much above ordinary ones, as it educates the user in some way.
  2. Get your tools ready

  3. Check app features and skill set

  1. Understand your iPhone/iPod Touch UI

    • Know what kind of functionality you want your app to have.
    • Decide on the UI design.
    • Mentally organize all information for your app.
    • Decide which of the iPhone’s built-in features you can make most use of.
  2. Sketch out your plan

    • Get to sketching your idea on a sheet of paper.
    • Draw out each screen plan and decide strategies to go from one screen to another.
    • Think of sizing the image on the screen, screen resolution and so on.
  3. Start with the design

    • Start working on the design now. Your sketch will go a long way in helping you with the designing bit.
    • Hire a designer if you are not a professional designer.
    • Instruct the designer on exactly what you are looking for and do not be afraid of asking for tips to improve on your app.
  4. Interact with developers

    • Participating in dev forums will help you gain a lot of good information on designing, programming, marketing and so on.
    • There are many iPhone dev forums online, so take active part in them. Also enroll in virtual classes if need be.
  1. Submit app to the Apple App Store

    Now it is time to submit your app to the Apple App Store. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional if unsure about the submission process. Do the following in order to submit your app.
    • Compile the application.
    • Create and check your Certificates.
    • Define your app IDs.
    • Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile.
    • Upload all the information to iTunes Connect.


  1. Download a lot of apps in each category and play around with them all, so that you come to know how to proceed ahead with your own. Make a list of all the features you like in the apps and that you would like to incorporate in your app.
  2. The initial sketch is very important, as it will ease your way ahead to create the app. Never neglect this bit.
  3. Stay focused on your idea and keep working towards it. Digressing will only lead to confusion and a dilution of your initial passion to create an app.
  4. Once you create your iPhone app, get to marketing it to make a profit out of it. Here are useful tips to market your mobile application.

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